The Mathracy Project goes ARTistic

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The Gozo College organised a Mathracy event for Year 1 students and their parents at Lunzjata Valley between the 20th and 24th March.  The event The Mathracy project goes ARTistic was organised by the Literacy Department, Maths Support Teachers and the Art Teachers for Early Years, within the Gozo College.  Throughout the event, parents were invited to participate in a short meeting where ideas on how to engage students in activities which help them develop further their literacy and Mathematical skills, using everyday objects, were given in order to bridge learning with real life experiences.  Parents and students engaged in four hands-on workshops animated by the Head of Department Literacy, Complementary Teachers, the Literacy Support Teachers, the Maths Support Teachers and the Art Teachers.  The workshops were a showcase of how blended learning (where Literacy, Maths and Art concepts are embedded together) can take place in a natural setting.

Feedback gathered from parents who were present for the event was once again positive and it showed eagerness for similar events in the future.

This scholastic year the Gozo College developed three Mathracy events; an event for Year 6 students where Maths and Literacy skills were blended with PSCD, an event for the Year 3 students where Maths and Literacy skills were blended with Drama and this third event for Year 1 students.

The Maths and Literacy Teams within the Gozo College look forward to further Mathracy events which empower students to experience learning through a holistic approach.