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Award Ceremony re- Art Competition

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The Kercem Primary School within the Gozo College participated in an Art competition called My Favourite Maltese Butterfly, organized by St Vincent de Paul Long-term Care Facility.

Amy Spiteri, a Yr 5 student  was awarded the 3rd prize. She was given a €100 book voucher and the school is to be awarded a €500 to organise an intergenerational activity.

The prize winning ceremony was held on Friday 28th April, 2017 by Hon Justyne Caruana, Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, marking the European Day for Intergenerational Solidarity and on the occasion of St Vincent de Paul’s Long-term Care Facility’s 125th anniversary.

Before the awards took place, students were divided into groups and several activities were organised for them.  One group visited Cat Cafe, where students patted kittens and a short talk by Animal Guardians Malta followed.  Another group planted indigenous trees and then Dr Brian Farrugia delivered a short talk.  Other students visited some wards.

It was a positive learning experience for all.

Ħondoq activity by GC Qala Primary students

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On Tuesday 9th May 2017 one hundred and ten students attending Qala Primary School participated in organised activities at Ħondoq Bay. The activities were hands-on and everyone enjoyed learning in the beautiful environment, which this picturesque bay offers. Students in Year 3 and Kinder showed us their artistic skills by using the natural backdrop to inspire them to paint their own seaside picture. Students in Years 1 & 2 enjoyed listening to a story about fish. Apart from participating by predicting what might happen next, they also created the main character in the story – using colourful paper and their cutting skills.

Older students showed everyone that they are growing into responsible citizens who want a cleaner environment for the benefit of everyone’s health. Some of them participated in a clean-up activity. Apart from enjoying themselves using the hand pickers, they provided a cleaner bay for the general public. Although the bay is cleaned on a daily basis, there still is a small number of persons who haven’t learned to clean up behind them.

Ħondoq Bay is the perfect place where one can spot Comino and our Year 4 students had the opportunity to participate in a Social Studies lesson where they managed to talk about the islands and buildings they could spot. They identified the Comino Tower as an old fortification which was used to guard our islands against enemies. These students also participated in a literacy session with a difference. They practised their listening and speaking skills with a native speaker in the outdoors whilst enjoying the light breeze.

Ħondoq is also home to different species of plants, which the Year 5 and Year 6 students had the opportunity to observe in detail. They went for a nature walk and spotted many plants. The questions they had were answered by an expert in the field and they were impressed at the different number of plants they saw, most of which were new for a lot of them.

Kinder students also participated in Maths activities with a beach theme, where they sorted small, big and medium pebbles into colourful pails. Students in Year 1 and Year 2 even tried their adding skills by choosing two numbered pebbles which together made the number 10 and later 20. Of course we couldn’t leave out staying healthy through fun and so one could see a station with colourful Physical Education Equipment, where the students enjoyed the games prepared for them.

Later, the Kinder students were busily investigating their shadows on white paper. They enjoyed moving their hands and seeing their shadows move too. Some older students sprang to action and traced the younger students’ shadows. It was a tough job with all the movement. But it was a job well done and our youngsters then enjoyed filling in their traced shadows using sponges and colours.

Our main aim – that of an enjoyable cross-curricular learning experience for all – was achieved. What a day! The smiles on the children’s faces said it all. This activity will surely go down in our calendar as a yearly event. Well done to all persons involved who contributed in one way or another to make this activity such a success!

The Mathracy Project goes ARTistic

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The Gozo College organised a Mathracy event for Year 1 students and their parents at Lunzjata Valley between the 20th and 24th March.  The event The Mathracy project goes ARTistic was organised by the Literacy Department, Maths Support Teachers and the Art Teachers for Early Years, within the Gozo College.  Throughout the event, parents were invited to participate in a short meeting where ideas on how to engage students in activities which help them develop further their literacy and Mathematical skills, using everyday objects, were given in order to bridge learning with real life experiences.  Parents and students engaged in four hands-on workshops animated by the Head of Department Literacy, Complementary Teachers, the Literacy Support Teachers, the Maths Support Teachers and the Art Teachers.  The workshops were a showcase of how blended learning (where Literacy, Maths and Art concepts are embedded together) can take place in a natural setting.

Feedback gathered from parents who were present for the event was once again positive and it showed eagerness for similar events in the future.

This scholastic year the Gozo College developed three Mathracy events; an event for Year 6 students where Maths and Literacy skills were blended with PSCD, an event for the Year 3 students where Maths and Literacy skills were blended with Drama and this third event for Year 1 students.

The Maths and Literacy Teams within the Gozo College look forward to further Mathracy events which empower students to experience learning through a holistic approach.

ATQuadKids Event

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On Friday, 24th March, 2017 the second phase of the ATQuadKids was held.

Selected children from each school participated in 4 events;

  • 600 metre Run
  • 60 metre Sprint
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Shot Put Throw

Students who qualified will be participating in the finals which will be help on the 21st April, 2017 in Malta.


Career Exposure Experience

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Between the 13th and the 17th of March, all Year 10 students from the Gozo College Middle School have experienced the world of work during their Career Exposure Experience (CEE). A total of 65 students have been assigned a professional work placement according to their preferences and likings.

From the health sector to the hospitality industry, from the business world to that of ICT, these opportunities are unique as they give each and every student the chance to be self-sufficient and independent. The aim of this activity is to give students the chance to shadow an occupation from first-hand, as well as the process they need to undergo when applying for a job.

We are assured that this experience will prove beneficial for these students, in their path to become an integral part of our working economy. We feel that such an experience is of paramount importance in our student’s holistic development, as it narrows the gap between the work environment and education; linking the classroom with the place of work.

The second edition of the Mathracy Project

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The Gozo College embarked on the second edition of the Mathracy Project for scholastic year 2016 – 2017.  The second edition entitled ‘The Mathracy Project goes Dramatic’ was aimed at year 3 pupils attending state schools in Gozo.  Pupils were engaged in Maths, Literacy and Drama Workshops linked with each other.  The maths support team was responsible of carrying out a maths workshop at the Public Lending Library, linked to literacy and drama as well.

Pupils had a tour round the library where library personnel explained how books were categorised and displayed in different areas of the library. They also explained to the pupils what information they get from the label attached to the spine of each book, such as the book’s name, author and shelf number.  Thanks to all librarians involved, the tour was very informative and pupils used this acquired knowledge to carry out the task which followed.

Pupils were assigned a book treasure hunt around the same library.  They were given clues, to read and comprehend, about four hidden books, follow directions and move accordingly in order to find the respective books.  Pupils were very enthusiastic to find all four books.  All groups managed to find the particular books and thus got 4 numbers which they later used to crack the code and open the lock of a treasure chest.  Once pupils managed to open the treasure chest, they each got a Library detective License Sticker.

The Literacy and Drama activities took place at the halls of the Gozo Ministry.  The Literacy teachers carried out a shared reading session with the book I want a pet by Lauren Child.  The students were actively engaged throughout the reading session and were challenged with high order questions.

Following the shared reading session, the children joined the conscience alley with the drama teachers.  They had to convince the drama teacher which pet is best to solve the dilemma faced by the main character in the story.

The complementary teachers animated the third workshop with the theme ‘Let’s explore a book’ where students were given the opportunity to give a closer look at a chosen book and integrate aspects of grammar with book concepts.

According to feedback gathered from parents, teachers and students, this edition was another success. Both the Maths and Literacy teams deployed at the Gozo College are looking forward for the third and last edition for this scholastic year, taking place in March for Year 1 pupils.


We are pleased to draw your attention to an exciting new Science engagement and celebration event taking place at the Cittadella Gozo on Saturday 22nd April this year.

Café Scientifique Gozo is working with EcoGozo, Malta Chamber of Scientists, University of Malta, MCAST, Malta Enterprise, the National Aquarium, and Malta Council for Science and Technology (Esplora) to mount a major science showcase event in Victoria.  Modelled on Valletta’s Science in the City, “Science in the Citadel” aims to put on a range of demonstrations, installations, discussions and related artworks, all connected to science, to raise public awareness and engagement and get people talking about science.  As the event, will be in the spectacular newly restored Citadel, there is also the opportunity to marry history with science and tailor some interesting educational activities to this context.

To this end, primary and secondary school students, either individually or in groups, are invited to submit either an A2 poster (kartoncina) or a 3-minute video clip related to the theme Science in the Citadel.  The closing date for submission of work produced by students is Friday 31st March 2017.  Posters must be submitted to the respective schools.  Video clips must be sent directly to Mr Michael Mercieca on or handed to the school SMT on a pen drive.  All work submitted will be exhibited at the Science in the Citadel event.  Participants will be awarded a certificate of participation which will also feature in the students’ SSC&P certificate.

Each participating individual or group of students needs to register their intent to participate by Wednesday 15th March 2017 by completing an online form at:

Specifications for exhibits

  • A2 posters (kartoncina)
  • High quality video clips must be presented in one of the following formats:
    • .MPEG4
    • .MP4
    • .AVI
    • .WMV

Foraging Gozo

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The EkoSkola/LEAF committee at Gozo College Middle School this year embarked on an ESD multi programme project in which they reached the aims of their action plan towards responsible food consumption, outdoor learning, appreciation of natural resources and organic waste reduction supported by funding from the EU project We Eat Responsibly and the WasteServ Community Link Project grant.  The Open Day organised on Friday 20th January was the conclusion to lots of preparations, research and activities including a presentation on Maltese wild plants and trees and their uses and benefits by Mr John Michael Mizzi, foraging in a valley lead by Mr Stephen Mifsud, cooking using leaves of wild plants such as nettle, borage, sea beet and fennel and the production of a recipe book full of recipes by Ms Claire Borg using wild plants.  Attendees during the open day witnessed the launch of the recipe book, could taste the food cooked, buy herbed salt and tangerine sugar stored in reused jars and decorated by the students, while watching the students play an interactive game on responsible food consumption and read information on the uses of wild plants and historical related facts which the students themselves researched about.