Story-telling Training for Parents and Educators

 The United States Embassy in Malta is offering to host a special session of story-telling training for parents and educators.

The 90-minute session will be presented by the famous Mr David Gonzalez, and allows the audience the opportunity to discuss the topic and to ask questions.  Among other awards, Mr Gonzalez is the proud recipient of the 2011 International Performing Arts for Youth ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for Sustained Excellence.’

This event will be held on Thursday 8th May 2014 at 16.00 hours at the San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary, Guze Pace Street, Hamrun (next to Student Services Department).

All expenses incurred will be covered by the US Embassy and the session is being offered free of charge.  A maximum of 200 people will be accepted so booking is open on first come first served basis.  Kindly call the undersigned on 27451011 or email to reserve seating.

Carol Debono
Student Services Department
Projects & Initiatives Section
Skolasajf Office
Fra Gaetano Pace Forno Street
Hamrun HMR 1100

Technology Enabled Learning in Practice for Gozitan Students, Educators, and Parents

Three separate events on technology are to be held for Gozitan Students, Educators, and Parents, namely:
EMBED Gozo 2014: technology enabled learning in practice for students
Technology Enabled Learning in practice will be held between Tuesday 6th May and Thursday 8th May 2014 at the Girls’ Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo.  This is an opportunity for teachers and students to participate in hands-on activities which focus on how technology can enhance learning.  The workshops for schools will be held between 09:30 and 13:00.  Primary and Secondary schools are encouraged to visit the EMBED event and book their participation by filling the online form available on .  Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Primary School Heads are invited to send one Year 3 or Year 5 class to participate in this event. Secondary School Heads are invited to send the maximum of 45 students who are currently in Form 1 or 2.
 Empowering Gozitan Educators: eTwinning talk
Gozitan Educators are encouraged to participate in the eTwinning talk which will be held on Wednesday 7th May 2014 @ 3.00 pm
Empowering Parents: two free tech talks 
As part of this initiative, the Department of eLearning is also organising two FREE tech talks for Gozitan parents, grandparents and other child carers at the Girls’ Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo.

·         Tablets in Schools Wednesday 7th  May 2014 @ 10.00 am
·         Internet Safety Thursday 8th May 2014 @ 10.00 am

See attached flyer for further details. Schools are urged to print and forward this flyer to parents and any interested educators.
For further information and clarifications, kindly contact Mr Keith Aquilina on 25982142 or by email

Spanish Course

Gozo college sannat primary offers a spanish language course to gozitan residents

A 15-week course is available in Gozo to learn Spanish, which will consist of three contact hours weekly and 30 minutes of general counselling service, starting in April 2014 until July 2014 at the Gozo College Sannat Primary School.  The entry requirements are for applicants to be over 16 year old: there is no particular entry course requirement necessary for this level.  The School Council is offering this course to the members of the community.  The learning outcomes will be based on the following:
  • recognition of different written and oral text types such as newspaper headlines, simple manuals, invitations, videos, and so on
  • the way to write basic personal information; greetings; organising a trip; and so on
  • capacity to  write personal details, speak, and listen to, and understand simple utterances which are delivered slowly and clearly articulated
  • ability to read and understand short simple sentences, notices and signs
  • capable of adopting a positive attitude in communicating in the Spanish Language
  • awareness how to use online sources leading to Lifelong Learning.

The methods of teaching will include discussions, participation, presentations, and out-of-class activities.

General Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • speak clearly in Spanish
  • listen attentively to others’ communications in correct Spanish
  • participate collectively in group discussions
  • interact and network with others through internet.

Assessment / Feedback:

Initial, on-going, and end-of-course assessment by means of:

  • oral and written exercises
  • maintenance of the Lifelong Learning through networking

will reveal the extent to which participants have learned Spanish.

Participants are to be given a certification / award presented at the completion of the course.

The tutor for the course is Maria Soledad Vega, Spanish teacher.

It will be held at Gozo College Sannat Primary and Special Unit, Gozo.

The course dates are: 02/04//2014 – 23/ 07/2014.

Days and Time:

Monday 17:00 – 19.00 hrs.

Wednesday 17:00 – 19.00 hrs.

The timetable could change according to the group.

(Wed 16th – Wed 23rd April Easter Holidays)

The fee for the complete course is €20.  Interested applicants can register at the Head of School at Gozo College Sannat Primary School.

Professional Development Session for Peripatetic Teachers

A professional development session was held after school hours on the 25th March 2014 for peripatetic teachers.  It was animated by Prof Carmel Cefai, lecturer at the University of Malta.  Teachers gained an awareness of how to tackle students’ challenging behaviour through workshops and discussions.

Professional Development with Teachers of the Junior Years and LSAs

A Professional Development Session was held with teachers of the Junior Years.  Ms Melanie Casha Sammut, EO (Maths) and her team of numeracy teachers animated this sessions which focused on Calculation Strategies.

The session for the Learning Support Assistants of the Junior Years was animated by Ms Esmeralda Zerafa.  It focused on Dyscalculia.

Professional Development with Year 1 and Year 2 Teachers and LSAs

A Professional Development Session was held with Year 1 and Year 2 Teachers and their LSAs on Friday 14th March 2014.  The Session focused on Let Me Learn, and was animated by Ms Tanya Farrugia, lecturer at the University of Malta.

Embracing Diversity

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