HASEBA and HaSSCom 2015-2016

The Health and Safety Unit of the School Resources Department wishes to announce that it is receiving applications from all schools for the H&S Education Best Practice Award (HASEBA) and the H&S School Certificate of Merit (HaSSCoM) for scholastic year 2015–2016.

The fundamental purposes of these awards are:
– to stimulate health and safety performance improvement in schools by providing a rising     scale of targets to aim for (HaSSCoM);
– to provide a means of recognising and celebrating Health and Safety educational               achievements (HASEBA);
– to provide a series of exemplars of good practice, as positive role models for other             schools to learn from and emulate (HaSSCoM and HASEBA).

The HASEBA is awarded to one school every year for outstanding effort in promoting H&S educational issues. This award was lately given to Bishop’s Conservatory Girls’ Secondary (Gozo) for the achievements made during last scholastic year. The HaSSCoM is awarded to any school which has reached the pre-established level in its preparedness towards a healthy and safe environment (vide criteria attached).

Schools that successfully achieve HaSSCoM (at any of the three levels) or HASEBA will receive a certificate and will have the opportunity to use the exclusive HaSSCoM/HASEBA logo on their website and corporate letterheads as a sign of the school’s Health and Safety commitment.
Heads of School who wish to submit their school’s nomination for either HaSSCoM or HASEBA are kindly asked to fill in the appropriate attached form/s and forward to Ms Marthese Fenech, Health & Safety Unit, Alamein Road, Pembroke PBK 1776. Forms can alternatively be scanned and emailed to maria.theresa.fenech@ilearn.edu.mt
Nominations for both HASEBA and HaSSCoM are to reach Ms Marthese Fenech by noon of Friday, 13th May 2016 (queries are to be directed to maria.theresa.fenech@ilearn.edu.mt or tel 21248600).