Seminar on Positive Behaviour in Children and Youths

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Dr Frank Fabri  A/Director, Curriculum Management announces that


The Equal Partners Foundation is a parent-run, non-profit organisation working with children and youths having intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties. The aim of the Foundation is to support persons with disabilities to have a more independent life within a more inclusive society.

Seminars on Positive Behaviour in Children and Youths will be held on five consecutive: Mondays from the 24th  February till the 24th March 2014 from 6.00 pm till 8.30 pm. The Seminars will be given by Dr Agius Ferrante and she will be tackling various behavioural issues in children and youths.

Below please find the course description and the poster so as to encourage any interested parties. The whole certified cost will be at €100.

Bookings, on are open till the 19th  February 2014.


 The Programme

Positive Behaviour

An Introduction to working with Challenging Behaviour

“Our job is not to fix people, but to design effective environments” (Horner 2007)


Lectures will be around: Understanding challenging behaviour

  • Identify behaviours and the functions they serve
  • Understand how emotions affect behaviour
  • Identifying challenging behaviours
  • Understand the role labelling plays in the life of a child who challenges


What is behaviour?

Emotions and behaviour

What is challenging behaviour?

What behaviours are challenging?

Who displays challenging behaviour?


Social model of disability

A historical context

Five facts every family should know