Gozo College Xewkija Primary Open Day

Gozo College Xewkija Primary School on Monday, 5th December held a colourful programme on its recently innovated school premises to celebrate the Open and Celebration Day.

The day kicked off by students who sang the Gozo College and the Xewkija hymn while directed by the music teacher.  The junior students presented a number in the hall with the theme of diversity and inclusion entitled “Hello to all the Children of the World” to mark the occasion.

At the outset, school Headmistress Ms Frankline Zammit Galea, welcomed the guests and listed the achievements of the institution. The audience who included parents and carers of students and also parents of future students who at presently are under threes,  listened with rapt attention. Oher Heads of schools also visited and took part in the event.

The students who are council members council members (empowered and lead by the PSCD teachers) were also hustling and bustling in the school kitchen to see to the healthy food being distributed to all the students of the school.  The peripatetic teacher of “The Catch them Young” programme also animated an activity to inform parents and children about healthy lifestyles.  Parents were participating in class lessons or activities which this year were centered around Guided Maths and Science.   We had other entities outside the school such as a gym instructor, a nutritionist and the Xewkija Tigers Trainers who organised activities so that students and adults joined in and had a thorough workout.  The Gozo College Principal, Mr Victor Galea handed the certificates to all students who set for the annual exams and wrapped up the certificate ceremony by emphasising that such events and the progress of the school is the result of collaboration among all stake holders.