Gozo College Heads meet to propose targets for the next 3-year period

The Council of Heads within the Gozo College met together with the College Principal Mr Victor Galea to work on priority areas which will form the Gozo College Development plan for 2017-2020. The College comprises of 13 state schools in Gozo – 11 primary schools, a Middle and a Secondary School.

After reviewing the Mission and Vision of the College, Heads of Schools worked together to identify main areas in which the Gozo College is performing very well, amongst which are the results of the national benchmarks exams.  They also identified other areas in which the College requires further development.  The focus was on opportunities for the next 3-year period as well as the recognition of new realities in Gozo, including the demographic and population changes as well as the increase of European and Third Country nationals who are registering their children in Gozitan state schools.

“This fruitful discussion amongst our educational leaders brought forward the basis of the College Development Plan for the next 3-year period” informed Mr Victor Galea. “We identified and agreed upon 8 priority areas including: Leadership and Governance, Training, the Curriculum, Support Services, Policies based on the Respect for All framework, Resources, Schools Refurbishments and Public Relations.”