Digital Maths Week, 13th – 17th March 2017

  • Pro-bots
  • Bee-bot
  • Classcomm Voting System
  • Constructa-bot
  • Talking Book
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Touchscreen Boards
  • Laptops

Isn’t this a long list?

All these tools have to do with information and communication technology (ICT) and through our Maths Support Teacher we are integrating mathematics and technology.  During this week, all classes from kindergarten to year 6 class are incorporating one or more of the above tools in maths lessons to teach mathematical concepts, that include: angles, money area, perimeter, capacity, sequences, compass direction angles and turns, number recognition, value and 2D-shapes and colours.

Hence, ICT is not replacing but being used to enhance student understanding of basic maths concepts.

But one may ask, “Why taking the trouble of googling the Internet to find out how to use these robots in lessons (not only in mathematics), as if we do not get by if we stave off ICT?”

One must not forget, that the world is changing, and we have to change (evidently, not abandon what we have learnt), rising up to the different opportunities that come in our way and bravely give a chance to our students to at least be aware of diverse methods of learning.  Surely nobody likes spotting one’s country hit rock bottom placing when listed with other countries.

These are only a couple (the list of benefits is much longer) of findings by Becta (2003) that summarised the key benefits of using ICT during lessons: “ICT promotes greater collaboration among students and encourages communication and the sharing of knowledge.  ICT gives rapid and accurate feedbacks to students and this contributes towards positive motivation. It also allows them to focus on strategies and interpretations of answers …”

So, why not using the ICT tools if we have them provided by the Education Division?

To top it off, at Xewkija primary school, TOGETHER we always try to bring learning to LIFE.