Cittadella Maths Trail

The aim of this activity, the Cittadella Maths trail, is for the students to use the Mathematics that they learn in the classroom and to apply it in real life situations.  During the trail, the students were engaged in a number of mathematical activities prepared for them by the Gozo College Secondary School Mathematics teachers.

Around sixty students, from the Gozo College Secondary School and also from the Gozo College Middle School took part in the event.  The students, divided in groups, had to work on a number of activities collaboratively.  These activities were spread over various places around Cittadella, such as at the square and in the streets, on the bastions, at the Archaeology Museum and also at the Gran Castello Historic House.

The students had to use their problem solving and mathematical skills to find a solution for the problems prepared for them.  This activity helped the students realise that Mathematics is used in everyday life, thus making it more tangible and valid.  Moreover, it helped to foster problem-solving skills and collaborative work.

The Cittadella Maths Trail took place on 10th April 2017.