KIDS 4 KIDS Campaign 2017


Period:       Campaign will take place in various interested Schools between 1st October 2017 until end of November 2017.

School:       The School will choose the population of students to participate in this campaign. Each school can target a particular age frame or class.

YMCA:         As part of the Campaign, YMCA is willing to give a brief talk/introduction on the campaign event; explaining what homelessness, factors of homelessness is & why we are doing it.

Students:     Ideally craft several Christmas cards (rather than buy new ones) as a home-take or class exercise with a personalized message they wish to convey to homeless kids, families and individuals.

School:       Students are empowered by the School, to donate from their pocket money to help us organize a Christmas Party & Lunch for homeless & vulnerable people and kids.  YMCA can either distribute tins to the school or else the school organizes this itself.

December:     A Christmas party & Christmas Lunch will be held for homeless and vulnerable people and kids.

January:      A thank-you certificate, with the name of the particular school, will be issued. It will include the amount of cards & funds donated by the school for this campaign.  A thank-you letter, including a financial statement of the event, will be issued and delivered with the certificate to the particular school.