Press Statement – May 30, 2014

parents’ course on how to support children with dyslexia held at the gozo college

Parents’ course on how to support children with dyslexia held at the Gozo College

The Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Service recently organised a course for parents at the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School.  Ever since SpLD Service was formally established in 1997, it strongly believed in involving parents in their children’s learning and over the years parents were invited to attend various courses. The courses took place in order for the parents to understand how to further support their children at home using multisensory strategies to help them improve their literacy skills, as well as how to help their children study more effectively.
Parents’ course on how to support children with dyslexia held at the Gozo College

The course in Gozo consisted of four sessions spread over three months. The sessions were delivered by Ms Jocelyn Jones and Ms Joanna Tabone, the SpLD teachers assigned to the Gozo College.  The first session was held in February.  Mr Victor Galea, Gozo College Principal and Dr Christine Firman, E.O., first addressed the parents and the parents were then provided with some information on dyslexia and following that they were also exposed to the Paired Reading strategy, a very beneficial method whereby parents and children read together for a short period of time every day.  In March, parents attended a second session that focused on how to improve spelling using multisensory strategies.  The third session, which was held at the beginning of April, dealt with how to help children study more effectively, while during the final session at the end of April parents were shown how ICT can provide further support for their children.

A number of websites that can help to reinforce reading and spelling skills were also shown to the parents.

In May, parents were presented with certificates of participation by Mr Galea and Dr Firman, in the presence of Heads of School, as well as two SpLD Heads of Department, Ms Karen Grech and Ms Christine Xuereb.

During this ceremony, a parent of two dyslexic children shared her experiences and provided parents with some tips on how to support their children.

A local artist, Mr Charles Camilleri, was also invited to talk about how he managed to become a successful artist in spite of his dyslexia.


Press Statement – May 29, 2014

gozo college students take part in the 10th ekoskola parliament session

Gozo students take part in the 10th EkoSkola Parliament Session76 students from 38 schools had the opportunity of their life this morning when they came face to face with the country’s policymakers for a lively debate that focused mainly on the quality of life of Maltese citizens.

Students from Gozo College Gharb Primary took part in this morning’s Session, where they had the opportunity to meet the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo.

This is not a first for the EkoSkola programme since for the past ten consecutive years this has been an annual appointment spanning three legislatures. The event was organized by Nature Trust (Malta), the local representatives of FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) who run the EkoSkola programme, under the auspices of the Office of the Speaker. HSBC has this year teamed up with EkoSkola through its Catch the Drop Campaign in schools.

Conscious of the high profile of the occasion and resolute in their intent to drive the message home EkoSkola students raised various concerns about a number of issues namely;Energy resources; Waste management; Water conservation; The Family’s pivotal role in today’s society and student empowerment among others.

The topics had been identified by the EkoSkola students during the 3rd EkoSkola Young People’s Environmental summit held last March.

The Motion that was read at the beginning of the session was however the highlight of the event as it summed up the whole idea behind this special yearly event. Students called for the country leaders to take heed of their suggestions and support them by taking concrete actions in their quest to better the quality of life in their respective school communities. “We are always ready to commit ourselves because we believe that if we have a better environment, our health will be better. And if our health is better, we can enjoy a happier life and a healthier society” said the students.

The EkoSkola Parliamentary sitting is a unique opportunity for students to discuss important issues with the country’s policy makers,Senior Manager, Environmental Programmes, Sue Alexander, on her visit from London. “This year’s focus on waste, water, energy, family and education, ties in perfectly with HSBC’s ‘Catch the Drop Campaign,’ as part of the global HSBC Water Programme, and encourages students to be more aware of environmental issues and take action within their community.

The 10th EkoSkola parliamentary sitting was chaired by the Speaker, Dr. Anglu Farrugia and attended by more than 20 Members of Parliament from both parties.

The MPs present were not only overtly impressed with the students’ interventions but also vouched to take heed of their suggestions.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muscat and the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Simon Busuttil also addressed the students.The 10th EkoSkola Parliament Session was held this morning. This is an annual event that brings together young policy makers, participating in the EkoSkola programme, face to face with the country’s official policy makers in a lively parliamentary debate addressing ways of improving the quality of life in our schools and our country.

Press Statement – May 23, 2014

gozo new co-ed middle school refurbishment project explained to parents

Gozo new Co-ed Middle School Refurbishment Project explained to parents

In view of the introduction of Co-education as from the next academic year, the Gozo College organised the second preparation meeting for parents of year 6 students who next year will proceed to year 7 and will be attending the Gozo College Middle school in Victoria. This was only one of a series of meetings organised throughout the last months in order to prepare all the stakeholders involved (administrators, teachers, parents and students) for such an important transition. The meeting was addressed by the Gozo College Principal, Mr Victor Galea; the National Coordinator for Co-education, Ms Maria Ciappara, and the Head and Assistant Head of the Gozo College Middle school.  Ms Grima, a parent of a student attending the Pembroke school which already caters for both boys and girls, also addressed the Gozitan parents.Gozo new Co-ed Middle School Refurbishment Project explained to parentsOfficials from the FTS (Foundation for Tomorrow Schools) explained in detail the infrastructural changes and the refurbishment project which will be done during the summer recess in preparation for the next academic year.Gozo College explained that students in year 7 will hence be welcomed in the Gozo College Co-ed Middle School “in a secure, clean, embellished healthy and safe environment.”An Architect from FTS explained to parents the alteration works, refurbishment of interiors, the upgrading of mechanical and electrical services as well as the segregation of bathrooms and the upgrading of laboratories and facilities including new CCTV system and new furniture.


Press Statement – May 23, 2014

team from gozo college boys’ secondary take part in malta robotics olympiad

Team from Gozo College Boys' Secondary take part in Malta Robotics Olympiad 2014

A group of 8 students from Gozo College Boys’ Secondary in Victoria, participated in the Malta Robotics Olympiad, which took place earlier this month. The event was organised by the Department of eLearning, together with the Malta Council for Science and Technology, at the Cottonera Sports Complex.The team of students that represented the school were: Domenico Agius, Joseph Agius, Andre Attard, Thomas Buttigieg, Jerome Fenech, Sean Grech, Daniel Sumler, and Eric Vella. They made up 3 teams. The event was split into 3 categories: elementary, junior and senior.

The students battled it out with the other teams in the junior category. The team made up of Domenico, Thomas and Daniel, made it to 3rd place.

The students were accompanied to the event by Mr Robert Vella (HOD Computing), Mr Peter Paul Attart (Teacher), Mr Sam Cefai (Teacher) and Ms Marisa Theuma (LSA).

There was also a special guest attending the event: Profs Tony Dyson. Dyson is the developer of the world’s most famous robot ‘R2-D2′ as featured in all the Star Wars movies. The students were able to have a talk with him, as well as get autographs and photos.

Prior to the event, the students practiced building robots as well as programming them, at the School Computer Club that was organised during breaks under the supervision of Mr Sam Cefai. The students used robot-kits that are available at school and primarily used during Computing lessons.


Press Statement – May 23, 2014

europe direct information centre discusses the eu with Gozo College Qala school children

Europe Direct Information Centre Gozo discusses the EU with Qala school children

The Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC), Victoria Gozo, visited the Gozo College Qala Primary School this week, where the EDIC Manager gave a series of talks to different classes regarding the European Union as well as provided the students with some interesting material.The students were very eager to learn more about our continent and what the European Union actually is.

Such interactive sessions are being provided by EDIC to promote the EU with children at an early age.

One of the most effective means to reach to grassroots and engage in dialogue with citizens is the network of Europe Direct Information Centres.

Everyone has questions about Europe and how it operates. Where is the best place to go to for answers to all these questions? The EDICs that are spread among all of the EU Member States! EDIC Centres provide information to all its citizens as well as guiding people to local EU specialised information providers when necessary.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.


Press Statement – May 21, 2014

gozo college xewkija primary ‘bake & sale’ for alive charity foundation

Gozo College Xewkija Primary 'Bake & cake sale' for Alive Charity Foundation

This year’s fundraising activity at Gozo College Xewkija Primary School took place in support of Louis Debattista, to help him participate in this year’s Cycling Challenge to raise money for the Alive Foundation for Breast Cancer. A special assembly was held in which Mr Debattista explained the goal of this humanitarian activity to the school children, teaching staff and parents.

This was followed by a short prayer session and then a bake and cake sale fundraising activity was organised to support this good cause Foundation.

Louis Debattista, said that it had been so nice to be able to join everyone at the school. “I was very touched at the way the children delivered the prayer – in song, and it was so nice to start the morning this way.”

“I am thankful to Mr Frank Tabone, Head of Xewkija School, his teachers and staff for carrying out this fundraising event. They collected €126 to go to the Alive Charity Foundation for Breast Cancer.”


Press Statement – May 20, 2014

year 5 class of gozo college sannat primary & special unit take part in gozo clean-up

Year 5 class of Sannat Primary & Special Unit take part in Gozo clean-upThe year 5 Class of Gozo College Sannat Primary & Special Unit, (Mr Gauchi & Ms Sonia) the Eko Skola Committee, (Ms Doreen & Ms Gorgianne) and Dinja Wahda Committee, together with the PSD teachers, recently took part in the ‘Greener and Cleaner’ Gozo Campaign.The clean-up activity entitled, ‘Together we can make our village clean,’ took place at ‘Taht l-Kalkara tal-Gir’ and Gruwa Street, limits of Sannat.

Together, the clean-up team collected 6 bags weighing 35.5 Kg, consisting of paper, plastic, glass and metal.


Press Statement – May 9, 2014

minister for education visits the education office in triq l-ewropa, victoria


Press Statement – May 9, 2014

benchmark exams explained to parents at gozo college 

A meeting for parents of Year 6 pupils preparing for the benchmark exams took place at Gozo College’s Boys’ Secondary school, Victoria. It was addressed, among others, by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo, College Principal Victor Galea and newly appointed Director of Curriculum Gaetano Bugeja and other officers from the Assessment Unit.

Parents were provided with information about the exams timetable and provided with guidelines and an overview of the syllabi for Maltese, English and Mathematics.

Parents coming from all the 11 states schools that form part of the Gozo College were informed of the following changes. Parents whose children attend Church Schools in Gozo also joined in for the meeting.

Parents present were informed that there will be the following changes in the Benchmark Papers:

New font ‘Andika’ will be used on the exam papers.

The mathematics mental paper will be recorded on CD

Changes to the electronic Reading Assistance (for Access Arrangements candidates)

More information is available from


Press Statement – May 8, 2014

queEn’s baton relay visits the gozo college on its way to the commonwealth games

The Gozo College Principal Mr Victor Galea was invited at the Gozo College, Boys’ Secondary School, Victoria, where together with students of various ages met with some of the athletes who are participating in the Queen’s Baton Relay, as well as take part in the Commonwealth Games, which this year are to be held in Scotland .

Mr Galea explained how these games are a symbol of unity, peace and friendship between athletes and the participating countries “In Sports we Unite”.  He reiterated how this event could be a motivation for students to also participate in these games in the future.

The Queen’s Baton Relay is a much loved tradition of the Commonwealth Games and symbolises the coming together of all Commonwealth nations and territories in preparation for the four-yearly festival of sport and culture.

The Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton Relay is the curtain-raiser to the XX Commonwealth Games. Over a period of 288 days the baton will visit 70 nations and territories, cover 190,000 kilometres and involve a third of the world’s population, making it the world’s most engaging relay.

On 9 October 2013 the Queen’s Baton Relay was launched at Buckingham Palace, at a ceremony where Her Majesty The Queen placed Her message to the Commonwealth into the baton.

The baton will be relayed by thousands of people throughout the Commonwealth, each one honoured by their own nation to participate in this unique tradition. Magical memories will be created on this journey across continents, terrains and time zones. From Sydney Harbour Bridge to the forests of Rwanda; from Pacific Islands to the Rocky Mountains of Canada, the baton will showcase each nation and territory in the Commonwealth.

The finish line is in the host nation Scotland just in time for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Glasgow, where Her Majesty The Queen will read aloud Her message to the Commonwealth.

___________________________________________________________________________Press Statement – April 28, 2014



Parliamentary Secretaries Visit Gozo College Primary School


Press Statement – April 13, 2014

gozo college PUPILS CREATED GREETING CARDS FOR persons undergoing corrective measures at the Kordin Correctional Facility


Prison education  Some of the Primary schools within the Gozo College recently had the opportunity to create a number of greeting cards for persons undergoing corrective measures at the Kordin Facility.

This initiative was part of the P.S.D. (Personal and Social Development) lesson on the subject of ‘Valuing Others,’ in which students were guided to understand that all people are valuable and precious; everyone has something positive to offer even though s/he behaved inadequately.

 prison education 1The students used all their creative skills in making the colourful and imaginative greeting cards, which were left blank inside so that the inmates can use them for whichever occasion they may choose.

 The greetings cards were presented by P.S.D. teachers, Ms. Karen Borg and Ms. Jacqueline Camilleri, to representatives from Sannat Youth Centre, among them Ms. Mary Mifsud, who is responsible for this group.

 prison education 2This presentation was held on Sunday 13th April 2014, during an activity which the same group organised in aid of Fondazzjoni Rise. The cards will be presented to the inmates next time the Sannat Youth Group visits the prison.


This initiative proved to be of great educational value for the students who participated. They did their utmost in creating and designing the cards knowing that they could be of great benefit to the inmates and their families.


During P.S.D. lessons the participating students have the opportunity to develop various personal and social skills and values to become active and responsible citizens.

____________________________________________________________________________Press Statement – April 9, 2014

gozo college boys’ secondary school’s ‘equality in education’ is top initiative

GC Boys' Secondary School's ''Equality in education' voted best initiative

‘Your Europe, Your Say’ is an annual event organised by the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) and is a simulation of the EESC members’ work. Three students from each of the 28 EU countries were selected to meet in Brussels to discuss 14 initiatives and vote for the best 5 initiatives.

This year the event took place between the 26th and 28th March, and Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School in Victoria, represented Malta. Three Form 4 students: Giuseppi Attard, Emmanuel Farrugia and Jason Formosa, together with three other students from Cyprus, presented the initiative ‘Equality in Education,’ and this was voted for the best initiative.GC Boys' Secondary School's ''Equality in education' is top initiativeDuring this extraordinary meeting, approximately 84 students representing young people in the EU were able to debate and negotiate a consensus on the most important priorities for young people in the run-up to the European elections of May 2014.

These students were also able to hold discussions with the EESC President, as well as senior officials of the European Union.

The EESC is going to send these initiatives to the next European Parliament, as elections are taking place on 22-25 may 2014.

To close the event, President Malosse proposed that a delegation of all the students came to the EESC’s 500th Plenary Session in July to present the five initiatives in the presence of all EESC Members as well as representatives of the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council.

Earlier this year Ms Anna-Maria Darmanin, a member of the EESC’s Group II (Workers,) visited the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary to meet the students and help them prepare for the event. As well as answering their questions, she was also able to give then an overview of how the EESC works. She also explained how to conduct negotiations and form coalitions, as well as giving them a few tips on how to win the support of their allies.

The school said that “this event gave our students and those from the other European countries an opportunity to share and discuss their views, an opportunity that will never be forgotten.”

The top 5 initiatives for the students are:

1. Equality in education

2. Develop language teaching further

3. Encourage research and innovation to boost renewable energy and recycling

4. Recognise work experience, whatever its form and duration (internships, voluntary work, seasonal jobs, etc.)

4. (ex aequo) Create equal opportunities.

A video of the event is available here.



Press Statement – April 7, 2014

gozo college gharb primary help in the ‘clean up’ gozo campaign

Gozo College Gharb Primary help in the 'clean up' Gozo campaign

Gozo College Gharb Primary school has recently participated in the Greener, Cleaner Gozo Campaign.Members from Year 6 of the EkoSkola committee participated in the event and the pupils were provided with the necessary items, including, gloves, sunblock, disposable bags and a weighing apparatus.The cleared areas were Ta’ Pinu parvis and Ta’ Sdieri Bridge, which was built by the English around 1851.In all, 39 kilogrammes of rubbish were collected in just under one hour.The activity was co-ordinated by Ms Victoria Cassar, Deputy Head of Gozo College, Gharb Primary._________________________________________________________________________Press Statement – April 6, 2014

CAREERS EDUCATION: gozo college ghajnsielem primary on importance of lifelong learning, communication skills and collaboration.

On 24th of March 2014, year 5 pupils at Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary took part in an educational visit to a Hotel in the same village.  Hotel events manager Alfio Rapa  and Charlon Tabone, an ITS student showed the pupils around the hotel and explained the various skills needed for different jobs at the hotel. 

careers education 5Later on that week, students from Gozo College Xewkija Primary had the opportunity to visit a printingfactory situated in their school surroundings.  This was also a very interesting visit.  The owner of the factory showed them around and explained in detail the process involved while printing and the new technologies used in their factory.  

During both visits,  good qualities one should possess while being in a working environment were pinpointed.  Relationship and communication skills with workmates were highly emphasised together with responsability and punctuality.  The importance of life long learning was also emphasised.  Both visits were coordinated by the P.S.D. teachers Ms Karen Borg and Ms Jacqueline Camilleri and representatives from the hotel and the factory.

careers education 1In relation to the same topic, Gozo College Zebbug Primary students were invited to bring any material one would use of his workplace.  It could be either of a job they like or else their own parents use of their workpalce.  The students were very well prepared when they had the opportunity to speak in front of others during a Show and Tell.  They also came up with various skills and values one needs to have while performing the job they chose to talk about. 


Press Statement – April 3, 2014

free tech talks for gozitan parents, grandparents & care givers to children

Free tech talks for Gozitan parents, grandparents and other care givers to children are being held on two subjects: Tablets in Schools and Internet Safety. The talks will take place at the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School in Victoria, and have been organised by the Department of eLearning.

To book your place contact Mr Keith Aquilina by email: or tel: 25982805 or 25982142 by not later than the 25th of April 2014.

Tablets in Schools:

Tablets are coming to our schools. Now what? The talk will illustrate how tablets are a very good educational tool but they need to be used with care. Parents have an important role to play here and participants in the talk will be made aware of the opportunities and challenges of tablet use by children at home and at school.

This talk is taking place on Wednesday, the 7th of May, starting at 10.00am, with speaker Mr Martin Debattista, Project Leader.

Internet Safety:

Online technology is developing very fast and as parents and carers we have to keep abreast of new social networks, chat rooms and also new trends. During this session we will focus on how we may help our children, be more aware of current risks they may face, and enable them to become smart digital citizens and encourage them to be wary of what they post online.

This talk is taking place on Thursday, the 8th of May, starting at 10.00am, with speaker Mr Omar Seguna, eLearning Support Teacher.

To book your place contact Mr Keith Aquilina by email: or tel: 25982805 or 25982142 by not later than the 25th of April 2014.


Press Statement – April 2, 2014

gozo college girls’ secondary school participated in the debate on ‘quality education’

Secondary School students debate on 'Quality Education'

Secondary school students from eleven different schools, including one from Gozo, this morning debated several topics related to quality education, such as co-education, whether compulsory education should be up to 18 years instead of 16, and on whether teachers should be friends or educators.

The activity, entitled “Let’s Debate Quality Education!” is an educational debate organised by the Malta Union of Teachers through the Ministry for Education together with Agenzija Zghazagh, the DES and the DQSE and was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.  The aim of the debates is to encourage young people to discuss issues related to quality education.

Speaking during the activity, the Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo said that it was a positive sign to see students debate among themselves on issues such as the obligatory age of education.

The Minister said that in the past we would have been discussing whether obligatory education should be raised from ten years or 14 years of age.  Having such debates was important to make sure we are always aware what is the best formula for our education.

The eleven schools participating were those who applied to the invitation to take part by sending a team of three speakers.  These were Mosta GSS, Pembroke Co-ed School, Kirkop BSS, Handaq GSS, St. Elias, St. Jeanne Antide, Hamrun GSS, St. Lucia GSS, Gozo College Girls’ Secondary School, St. Joseph Senior School and Mriehel GSS.

The debating teams were accompanied by another group of students from their schools, who also had the opportunity to speak and vote as part of the proceedings.

The activity also included an element of preparation held in advance in collaboration with interested teachers, school administrators and officers from the Education Directorates. Facilitating the debates were notable presenters Dr. Andrew Azzopardi and Mr. Karl Wright.  A token of appreciation by Agenda Bookshop was also given to all students participating in the debates.

As part of the activity, Agenzija Zghazagh believes that such a dialogue with young people is important as it brings about a more participative approach in school.  Giving young people a voice in education does not only exercise their rights but also enables them to achieve more, improve their self-esteem and contribute to a better school environment.

During his presentation, Mr. Marco Bonnici, Senior Vice President at the Malta Union of Teachers, commented that “this activity is part of the campaign “Unite for Quality Education” being organised in 2014 by Education International (EI).  In fact, we included topics related to the three pillars of quality education, which are quality teachers, quality tools, and quality environments.

The MUT said that it “is proud to be part of this campaign, which is giving a voice to educators across the globe and which in Malta is involving the Ministry and students as well.  Education International has 30 million members globally through its 400 affiliated organisations in more than 170 countries and territories, and as part of the campaign we are demanding that quality education for all remains at the top of the agenda for a sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future.”

More information about this worldwide campaign by Education International can be found at


Press Statement – March 31, 2014

walk for water: Euro600 raised by gozo college girls’ secondary school

Walk for Water: €600 raised by Gozo College Girls Secondary SchoolThe EkoSkola Committee within the Gozo College Girls’ Secondary School organised for the fourth consecutive year a ‘Walk for Water’ to commemorate World Water Day.  All proceeds received from the general public during the walk, which amounted to €600, will go to a project which was chosen for the school by the AKVO organisation from the Netherlands.

This year the project is in Kenya, where a large water tank is be installed in the Ruai community.

The concept of Walking for Water was initiated in the Netherlands by the NGO Aqua for All and each year their is an increase in the number of children who participate.

Children in developing countries around the world must walk an average of 6 km every day to get clean water and the children participating in the ‘Walks for Water ‘carry water in their backpacks and walk for 6 kilometres as a way of showing solidarity with these children in developing countries.

In 2011 the concept of ‘Walk for Water’ turned international, and last year 34,000 children from around 600 schools took part.

The two litre bottles carried by the students were sponsored by Arkadia Ltd and the backpacks were supplied by the AKVO organisation.


Press Statement – March 30, 2014

Gozo college sannat primary offers a spanish language course to gozitan residents

A 15-week course is available in Gozo to learn Spanish, which will consist of three contact hours weekly and 30 minutes of general counselling service, starting in April 2014 until July 2014 at the Gozo College Sannat Primary School.  The entry requirements are for applicants to be over 16 year old: there is no particular entry course requirement necessary for this level.  The School Council is offering this course to the members of the community.  The learning outcomes will be based on the following:
  • recognition of different written and oral text types such as newspaper headlines, simple manuals, invitations, videos, and so on
  • the way to write basic personal information; greetings; organising a trip; and so on
  • capacity to  write personal details, speak, and listen to, and understand simple utterances which are delivered slowly and clearly articulated
  • ability to read and understand short simple sentences, notices and signs
  • capable of adopting a positive attitude in communicating in the Spanish Language
  • awareness how to use online sources leading to Lifelong Learning.

The methods of teaching will include discussions, participation, presentations, and out-of-class activities.

General Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • speak clearly in Spanish
  • listen attentively to others’ communications in correct Spanish
  • participate collectively in group discussions
  • interact and network with others through internet.

Assessment / Feedback:

Initial, on-going, and end-of-course assessment by means of:

  • oral and written exercises
  • maintenance of the Lifelong Learning through networking

will reveal the extent to which participants have learned Spanish.

Participants are to be given a certification / award presented at the completion of the course.

The tutor for the course is Maria Soledad Vega, Spanish teacher.

It will be held at Gozo College Sannat Primary and Special Unit, Gozo.

The course dates are: 02/04//2014 – 23/ 07/2014.

Days and Time:

Monday 17:15 – 18:45

Wednesday 17:15- 18:45.

Break time Counselling.

Monday 17:00

Wednesday 17:00.

The timetable could change according to the group.

(Wed 16th – Wed 23rd April Easter Holidays)

The fee for the complete course is €20.  Interested applicants can register at the Head of School at Gozo College Sannat Primary School.


Press Statement – March 29, 2014

Gozo college fully collaborates towards the success of the first ‘science days in gozo’ festival


Prizes presented to winners of 'Science Days in Gozo’ FestivalThe first ever science festival, ‘Science Days in Gozo’ came to an end on Friday evening with the presentation of prizes to the winners by Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo and Gozo College Principal Mr Victor Galea.

The National Student Travel Foundation – Malta (NSTF), in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and that for Gozo organised the festival, which was held between Wednesday and Friday at the Ministry for Gozo Exhibition Hall in Victoria.

The festival attracted over 700 students who registered to visit this event, with 400 students participating in Primary Level Programmes (Science Art Contest and Primary School Contest for young Scientists), 10 students participating in the Secondary School Contest for young Scientists, 100 students participated in the pan-European event Science Photo Contest and over 55 projects were exhibited during the festival.

During this event all art work, models and research conducted by Gozitan students in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and related subjects was on display.

The competitions and prizes were:

Science Art Contest (years 1-3) A science book was awarded for the best entry from each school.

Primary School Contest for Young Scientists (years 4-6) The participants of the winning project was a science educational instrument.

School Contest for Young Scientists (Forms 1-5) Students and teacher will go abroad on a science tour.

Contest for Young Scientists (sixth form and post sec colleges including MCAST) Winners will participate in the EU Contest for Young Scientists taking place in Warsaw.

Science Photo Contest (all ages) A camera was awarded to the best entry from Gozo.

The full list of winners for the first ‘Science Days in Gozo’ are shown below:

Science Art Contest

Gozo College Gharb Primary – Joseph Saliba

St. Francis School – Jerome Farrugia

Gozo College San Lawrenz Primary – Michael Xuereb

Gozo College Zebbug Primary – Luke Saliba

Gozo College Nadur Primary School- Victoria Axiaq

St Theresa School – Justin Micallef

Gozo College Xewkija Primary Shaniya Spiteri

Gozo College Rabat (Victoria) Primary – Perla Bugeja

Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary – Carlos Camilleri

Gozo College Sannat Primary – Nathan Pace

Gozo College Kercem Primary – Sabrina Grech

Gozo College Xaghra Primary- Jean Attard

Primary School Contest for Young Scientists

1st Rachel Mizzi

2nd Yohann Curmi, Nicolai Vella, George Galea,

3rd Hayley Attard

4th Matthias Camilleri

School Contest for Young Scientists

Group 1 – Matthew Attard, Shaun Galea, Luke Galea

Group 2 – Domenico Agius, Thomas Buttigieg, Jeremy Buttigieg

School Lab

Thomas Zammit

Francesco Sultana

Science Photo Contest

Elaine Grima, Gozo College Nadur Primary

Gabriella Grima, Gozo College Girls Sec school

Andrea Muscat UoM

Martha Scerri, Gozo College Nadur Primary

Angelique Portelli, Gozo College Zebbug Primary

Joseph Andrew Bajada, Gozo College Xaghra Primary.


Press Statement – March 25, 2014

Gozo college Ghajnsielem, sannat and victoria Primary schools participate in the one tablet per child pilot project

The tablet pilot project is an educational project and not a technological one, Minister Evarist Bartolo said in a press conference this morning.

The Minister said the scope of the pilot projects is to evaluate the best way to introduce tablets in the Primary Classroom and maximise the benefits that this technology brings to teaching and learning.

The educational focus during the Pilots will be literacy, numeracy and digital literacy, in line with the National Literacy Strategy and the National Curriculum Framework.

The Pilot Project:

13 proposals were submitted in response to the Call for Proposals published by MEDE on the 8th January 2014. Out of these 13, 11 are tablet hardware solutions or hybrid hardware/software solutions and 2 are software solutions for tablets. All submissions met the minimum requirements and were therefore accepted.

The Ministry said that the industry partners are (in alphabetical order): AID Ltd, Computer Domain, Energy Investment Ltd, FGL IT Ltd, Google for Education, Infantium-Telefonica, Klikk Computers Ltd, Micro Technology Ltd, Mosta Electronics Centre, Samsung Consortium, SG Solutions Ltd, Smart Technologies, and Vodafone Malta Ltd.

“Some of the companies have entered into a consortium with other enterprises to provide a complete solution in terms of hardware, software and content. Indeed most suppliers have included educational software and educational content in their proposals over and above the requirements of the Call.”

The brands that will be used include some of the best at the moment in the market like the iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung, LearnPad, Acer, Intel, Lenovo, Telefonica, and Haier amongst others. 9 proposals are based on the Android operating system, one on iOS (iPad) and one on Microsoft Windows, said the Ministry.

Google and Apple will be officially present in Maltese State Schools with their educational solutions for the first time.

Number of classes: 13 Primary classes in 10 Colleges in State Schools, 3 complementary groups and 1 Resource Centre for Students with Special Needs.

The participating State Schools are: Siggiewi, Msida, Gzira, Marsascala, Cospicua, Ghajnsielem-Sannat-Victoria in Gozo, Pieta’, Paola, Mellieha, Zurrieq, Bahrija and the Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre. Other schools will be on standby with other volunteer teachers ready to relieve the selected teachers if there are not able to proceed with the Pilot for one reason or another.

The Ministry said that 44 teachers from State Primary Schools volunteered and applied to take part. “The chosen teachers are all committed professional educators but at the same time provide a spectrum in terms of teaching experience, academic qualifications and confidence in the use of technology in the classroom. Indeed most of them don’t own a tablet yet and almost none of them have ever tried to use one in class.”

Most of the participating classes will be in Year 4, though a few Year 3 and Year 5 classes will also take part to widen the scope for evaluation.

There will be 3 Church and 2 Independent Schools in the Pilots (this depended on the number of suppliers and the number of tablets they were ready to provide). The participating schools are being chosen by the Secretariat for Catholic Education and the Independent Schools Association and will participate within the same framework of the State Schools.

Resume of schools:

13 classes in State Schools 3 complementary groups in State Schools 1 Young Adult Resource Centre (Special Needs) in State Schools 3 classes in Church Schools 2 Classes in Independent Schools Total: 22 classes/groups

The Minister said that “the number of suppliers and classes to take part in the Pilot is much larger than what had been anticipated, and goes to show the keen interest in this initiative.

“The total value of investment by suppliers in the Pilots, including hardware, software and support is estimate at over €200,000. This is being totally borne by the suppliers, who also have to provide training and cover warranty and insurance costs.”

He added that the tablets, provided for free by the suppliers, will be returned to the respective suppliers at the end of the Pilots in March 2015.

“Children with special needs in classes included in the Pilot and their LSAs will also be given a tablet and a Pilot will also take place at the Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre. However individual needs of students will be taken into account. Special Educational Needs are an important aspect of the One Tablet per Child initiative.”

Participating school children will be allowed to take the tablet home and the outcome of this will be closely monitored and evaluated, the Minister said.

“The Department of eLearning will also support teachers using tablets outside the Pilots Projects in both Primary and Secondary Schools. Experimentation is already going on.

“Training of teachers taking part in the Pilot will be delivered between April and September 2014, then in October the class children of these teachers will also get the tablet. Pilots end in March 2015 and the outcomes are evaluated to move to the procurement phase in 2015.”

The national implementation of the One Tablet Per Child as from Year 4 should start in the scholastic year 2015/2016 and presumably start with teacher training and upgrading of technical infrastructure BUT only the outcome of the Pilot Projects will determine exactly when best and how best to do the national implementation, said the Minister.

Both MITA and MUT are members of the Steering Committee of the One Tablet Per Child initiative, the Ministry said, “a Memorandum of Understanding is being drafted and will be signed by the Education Directorates and MUT to provide a framework for teachers to use tablets safely and effectively in the classroom.”

“MITA is an important technical partner and is giving consultancy on technical matters and providing for the upgrade of the infrastructure needed to give tablets Internet access and other related facilities.”

The Minister concluded that research and evaluation of tablets will be done with the support of the Faculty of Education and Faculty of ICT at University of Malta and other experts and academics both local and from abroad.


Press Statement – March 14, 2014

celebrating success at gozo college xewkija primary

Celebrating success at Xewkija Primary with 'Button Box' musical Creating a can-do culture engraved in a three-word motto namely: ‘responsibility, respect and right attitude,’ gradually, but consistently, is playing a crucial role at Gozo College Xewkija Primary School.

The school said that it is embarking on a more focused personalised curriculum to enhance, enrich and equip each and every child with a responsible mind, a respectful behaviour and a right attitude towards himself/herself and all the community and sustainable environment.  Celebrating success at Xewkija Primary with 'Button Box' musicalThis work in progress was celebrated on Thursday at the school hall assembly where a multi-cultural musical entitled ‘The Button Box’ was performed thanks to all the school team, children and parents who worked hard to achieve this success.

“Celebrating children’s uniqueness, individuality, creativity and abilities is definitely not a one-off event. At Xewkija Primary, children are stimulated and challenged to give more, perform better, try harder and consequently succeed more and more,” the school said.

“This celebration activity rewarded all the children for their efforts throughout their assessment and participation in various educational and socio-cultural activities.”

The school is currently reviewing its good practice policies and therefore is seeking help and suggestions from any volunteers to provide a more relevant and community-bound experience for all children to succeed.

For this reason, those interested are most welcome to visit or contact Xewkija Primary School on 2155.6341, 7755.6341 or email at


Press Statement – March 10, 2014

artistic works of gozo college primary pupils for ‘skopri t-talent tieghek’


Artisitic works by Gozo’s primary students on show at the CittadellaThe Cittadella Centre was the venue for a display of artistic works by young students, held recently as part of the first phase of a project that was launched by the Gozo Cultural Council.

The project, known as ‘Skopri t-Talent Tieghek,’ involves year 5 primary students and is spread over a period of a year, with three different themes, Christmas, early Summer and Autumn.

Over 240 students from 14 schools in Gozo participated in this first scheme, with many ideas presented in various Christmas themes. 11 Gozo College Primary Schools participated.

Gozo’s Minister Dr Anton Refalo, paid a visit to the event to view the works. Mr Guido Vella, Chairman of the Gozo Cultural Council and Mr Victor Galea, Principal Gozo College were also present.

In a short message Minister Refalo thanked all the participating schools for their interest in fostering the love of art in their students.

He offered all possible help to enable such initiatives to continue to be organised. He augured well for the 2nd phase of the scheme ‘Skopri t-Talent Tieghek,’ wishing every success to all participating students.

Press Statement – March 2, 2014

Gozo College Victoria Primary School’s Happy Garden

Gozo College Rabat primary school recently embarked on a project to create a ‘Happy Garden’ within its premises. During weekends, adults and children are painting wall murals, creating plant boxes using pallets and making decorations from recycled material to create an environment for children to enjoy. The project is an initiative of Abi Macloed Clark and Emma Morgan.
Press Statement – March 1, 2014

Entrepreneurs workshops

Entrepreneurship in Gozo - 3 workshops organised by Gozo University Group

The Gozo University Group is organising 3 entrepreneurs workshops, taking place at the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo.Have you ever thought you want one day to be an entrepreneur, or you want to be a leader within the company you are working with? If the answer is yes, then these 3 free workshops will give you what it takes to be it! Gozitan Entrepreneurs will share their experiences and how they achieved it!The workshops are supported by BOV, Malta Enterprise and the Ministry for Education and Employment who will also address the workshops.The workshops will take place between 7.30-8.30pm and the first workshop is on Friday, the 14th of March, on setting a marketing strategy for a start-up. The second is on the 21st of March, on financial support of start-ups. The third is on the 27th of March on motivation to be an entrepreneur.If you are interested in attending please send an email to the Gozo University Group at Limited places available.__________________________________________________________________________
Press Statement – Feb 23, 2014

Spanish Ambassador attends fiesta at the Gozo College

Pierre Camilleri, Yvonne Azzopardi, Victor Galea, Spanish Ambassador Don Felipe de la Morena Casado, George Borg, Frankline Zammit Galea, Silvana Aguis, Frank Abela and Marcel Xuereb.

The Spanish Ambassador to Malta, Don Felipe de La Morena Casado, recently paid a visit to the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary, in Victoria.

The Ambassador was welcomed by the Director General for Educational Services, Mr.George Borg, the Gozo College Principal, Mr. Victor Galea, the Boys School Head Dr. Frank Abela, the Girls School Head Mr. Pierre Camilleri and the 6th Form Head Mr. Marcel Xuereb.

Also present for the occasion were the teachers teaching Spanish at the Gozo state schools.

During this visit, over 160 students who study Spanish at the Boys Secondary School, Girls Secondary School and the Higher Secondary were present. Students studying Spanish participated in a variety of performing arts, including Spanish music, dance and literature.

The students were later addressed by the Ambassador and Prof.Carmel Vassallo, Head of the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies, faculty of Arts, University of Malta.

The Ambassador commented that he was impressed by the hard work and dedication of teachers of Spanish, the high performance of students in the Spanish Fiesta, and also extended his gratitude to the organisation committee.

The Gozo College Boys’ Secondary said that this visit has been beneficial and fruitful not only for the Spanish teaching staff in the above mentioned schools but especially for the students studying the Spanish language – the language of 500 million people around the globe.

Before leaving the Ambassador signed the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary Visitor’s Book, which is now almost 100 year old.


Press Statement – Feb 16, 2014

A healthy breakfast at the Gozo College Ghajnsielem Primary

Gozo College’s Għajnsielem primary recently organised a healthy breakfast for all children at the school. They received a glass of fresh milk, a toast with ricotta cheese and yoghurt. Afterwards, a health and safety teacher explained how children are to wash their teeth properly.
Press Statement – Feb 9, 2014

Gozo College Boys’ Secondary students win science robotics competition

Gozo College Boys' Secondary students win science robotics competition
A team of students from the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary in Victoria, – Mark, Paul and Toni, recently participated in a science robotics competition for secondary schools, organised by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), in collaboration

with the Department of e-Learning.Gozo College Boys' Secondary students win science robotics competitionThe initiative is part of the PLACES FP7 Project. During this event, the students watched an animated presentation on Robotics and how they work.The teams were then presented with robots which they had to work on in order to solve a series of challenges.The challenges they had to overcome eventually helped the students prepare themselves for the very last challenge – an obstacle race.The Gozo College Boys’ Secondary team won, beating the competition with only a fraction of a second to spare.All the students at the event were given a token of participation, and the members of the winning team received a science book each.

Photographs courtesy of Gozo College Boys’ Secondary

Press Statement – Feb 7, 2014

Gozo College Girls’ Secondary completes embellishment of open area

The Gozo College Girls’ Secondary has completed a project to embellish an open area, with the aim of making it more attractive for the use of students. The new area included stone and wood seating areas in order to facilitate students’ reading and discussion sessions.Gozo College Girls’ Secondary completes embellishment of open area

The Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo, inaugurated the completed project, for which funding was made available through the eco-Gozo scheme for educational institutions, with the maximum grant of €3,000. The Minister said that a total of 16 schools are benefitting through this scheme.

Press Statement – Feb 7, 2014

cOmmissioner for children’s visit to gozo college

Victor Galea & Helen D'AmatoOn Friday, the 7th of February, the Commissioner for Children, Mrs. Helen D’Amato paid a visit to a number of schools in Gozo. The main aim of this visit was to meet Year Six and Form I students in order to discuss with them this Office’s recent publication, ‘My Rights’.

Her first meeting was with Mr Victor Galea, the Gozo College Principal at his Office in Rabat. After presenting him with a set of copies of the newly published book, she proceeded with a meeting with him. During the meeting they discussed the rights and the challenges that children attending schools in Gozo have to face.

Displaying IMGP0238.JPGThe first school she visited was the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School. Here she was welcomed by the Head of School, Dr. Frank Abela and by the Assistant Heads. Mrs. D’Amato visited some Form I classes and carried out a short discussion with the students both about their rights, as well as their obligations as children.

  This was followed by a visit to the Displaying 102_0031.JPGGozo College Girls’ Secondary School, also in Rabat. Here she was greeted by Mr Pierre Camilleri, the Head of School and by the Assistant Heads. Again she visited some Form I classes where she interacted with the students by asking them to give her examples from their daily life when their rights are actively respected and protected.  Other situations where the inverse of this is true were also discussed.

Next, the Commissioner visited two Church Secondary Schools. The first one was the Seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After a short meeting with the Head, Fr. Noel Saliba, she proceeded to the Form I classes. Here she interacted with the boys about their rights and duties. The other school was the Bishop’s Conservatory where she was greeted by Mrs. Christine Scerri, the current Head of School.  During her visit to the classrooms, Mrs. D’Amato discussed with the girls how their rights and duties actually help them live a better life.

Displaying DSCF3112.JPGThe last school she visited, was the Primary School at Sannat where she was welcomed by the Head of School, Mr Daniel Cassar, who in turn introduced her to the teachers and the Year Six students. Here another interesting session followed, whereby the students present, came up with various examples from their daily life that highlighted how important it is for their rights to be respected. Another important aspect that came out was, that it is also important, that the children themselves stand out as promoters of other children’s rights.

Press Statement – Feb 5, 2014

ROOTS’ – Artworks by Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School Students
‘ROOTS’ is the title of an exhibition which consists of various artworks by art students attending the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School in Victoria.The exhibition has been organsed by the School’s Art Teachers – Christopher Saliba, Martin Attard and Paul Grech.‘ROOTS’ is open to the public until Friday, the 21st of February at the Exhibition Hall, within the Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, Victoria. Opening hours are Weekdays 8.30am-4.30pm.
Students aged between 12 and 15 from the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School took part in this collective art exhibition bursting with energy, colours and creativity. It was inaugurated by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo at the Gozo Ministry.
Press Statement – Jan 28, 2104

Consultation document launched on the Education Act reform

The Ministry for Education and Employment has launched the consultation document on the Education Act reform. During a press conference this morning, Minister Evarist Bartolo said that the reforms to the Education Act will help build a stronger education sector.Following the feedback from the consultation stage, which will last until March 31st, the Ministry will be looking to draft legislation based on this feedback.Minister Bartolo said that the “Government is committed to build on the successes of the past to further strengthen education in Malta and Gozo.”He added that education is fundamental for the country’s economic and social development and for retaining a competitive edge in a world economy.The purpose of the consultation is to seek ideas and encourage feedback on the way forward, and discuss possible reforms on all issues currently regulated by the Education Act and related matters, the Minister said.The consultation document is available for download here.Feedback can be sent on       or by email on education@gov.mt___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Statement – Jan 27, 2104

Parental Involvement in Education at Gozo College Għarb Primary

Parents play a very important part in their children’s development. This is why parents of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils at Għarb Primary were recently invited to observe an oracy lesson in their children’s classroom.

Parents were first briefed about the aims of the lesson they would be observing by the Oracy Support Teacher, Sharon Camilleri Brimmer. She explained that while we are reading a book with our children we can also enhance the children’s speaking, listening and thinking skills.

 Parents then observed the lesson, which consisted of talking about the book’s pictures, predicting how the story would continue, reading out the story, talking about what the children liked best about the book and playing a listening game at the end. It was obvious from the children’s beaming faces that they loved having their parents in class with them.

 The lesson was followed by a discussion between the Oracy Support Teacher and the parents about how the children’s speaking, listening and thinking skills could be further developed at home, so as to complement the excellent work being carried out by the class teachers.

Press Release – Jan 22, 2014

Young people from Gozo College having their say for Malta in Europe

Three students from Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School in Victoria, Gozo, accompanied by a teacher, will represent all the young people from Malta at a “Your Europe, Your Say” event taking place in Brussels, which will take place on 26-28 March 2014.

Next TuesdYoung people from Gozo having their say for Malta in Europeay, the 28th of January, during the course, a preparatory visit will take place at their school with Ms Anna-Maria Darmanin, a member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), an advisory body of the European Union.

“Your Europe, Your Say” is a simulation of the EESC members’ work and is being held for the fifth year running. It will involve the participation of students from 28 schools chosen from among 700 applicant schools in the EU’s 28 Member States, i.e. one school from each Member State.

During this extraordinary meeting, approximately one hundred students representing young people in the EU will debate and negotiate a consensus on the most important priorities for young people in the run-up to the European elections of May 2014.

These students will also be able to hold discussions with the EESC president and with senior officials of the European Union.

During her visit to Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School, Ms Anna-Maria Darmanin, a member of the EESC’s Group II (Workers,) will meet the students to help them prepare for the event. She will answer their questions and give them an overview of how the EESC works. She will explain how to conduct negotiations and form coalitions and will also give them a few tips on how to win the support of their allies.

For further information on “Your Europe, Your Say” and to watch a video of the 2013 event click here.

You can also get in touch with students in other schools on Facebook.

Press Release – Jan 20, 2014

Gozo College Xewkija Primary Kindergarten children intake in February 2014

Xewkija Primary Kindergarten children intake in February 2014

Gozo College Xewkija Primary school said that it is highly committed to provide a holistic education to each and every child during the Kindergarten and Primary educational cycle.This scholastic year 2013-2014 marked the school’s policy to better equip the Kinder classes with more educational resources aimed at helping three and four year old children integrate and make the first steps of self-growth, self-esteem and self-confidence within the social dimension of the school.“Thanks to a number of stakeholders, including first and foremost the Xewkija Local Council,” the school said it is aiming high to achieve this goal.“Like all good practices, these have to be shared and for this reason, all parents and carers are most welcome at school to discuss with the school management the benefits of choosing the local state primary school to ensure children learn to respect, be responsible and nurture the right attitude in life,” Gozo College Xewkija Primary school concluded.Details on the next Kindergarten children intake in February 2014 is available for download here in the Maltese language.

Press Statement – Jan 16, 2014

Celebrating Green Success at Gozo College Xewkija Primary School

Nature Day 8

The Gozo College Principal was invited to attend this year’s edition of Gozo Arbor Day, nationally known as ‘Jum is-Siġar f’Għawdex’  which was celebrated on Thursday 16 January 2014 at Gozo College Xewkija Primary.

Xewkija Primary School which in November 2013 has won the third consecutive international award – the Green Flag was again celebrating other achievements, namely: the EcoGozo funds provided to school to purchase resources for a sustainable education as well as being the National Tree Planting School Winners for 2012/2013 amongst all schools throughout Malta and Gozo. These successes were celebrated during the annual educational activities of Arbor Day.

At school, hands-on activities including story-telling and reading sessions about the Giving Tree, tree collages, paintings and potting of new trees were all organized in the classrooms.  The distinguished guests, visited each and every class and saw children’s participation during the event.  Some of the students even read their own prose and poem works about Arbor Day.  Later on the Year 6 children together with the Minister for Gozo and the Xewkija Local Council Mayor planted native trees and plants in the school garden.  Distinguished guests also attended this educational activity, amongst which were the  Minister for Gozo and Xewkija Mayor, EcoGozo Director and Gozo College Principal, Mr Victor Galea.

Dr. Charles F. Grech, Assistant Director (Environmental Affairs-Public Administration) presented the National Tree Planting Shield and a number of books to one of Xewkija Primary students.  In his short speech, Dr Grech encouraged children and adults to make Gozo greener by planting more trees.  In his message, the head of school, Mr Frank Tabone said that sustainable education is part and parcel of the school curriculum and together with all stakeholders, especially the Xewkija Local Council, the school promotes, encourages and awards children’s initiatives such as tree planting, cleaning up campaigns and energy saving activities. A word of gratitude and appreciation goes to both teaching and non-teaching staff at Xewkija Primary who worked hard to ensure the educational objectives of these activities are reached.


Press Statement – Jan 14, 2014

Co-education to start in Form 1 in the Gozo College from September 2014 – The Gozo College Victoria Girls’ Secondary School is designated to become a Middle School.


The Ministry for Education said that a consultation process that showed that all colleges were in favour of the co-ed system and willing to introduce it together with the middle school concept.This decision follows the introduction of co-education in secondary state schools at St Claire’s Secondary School, in Pembroke, last September.

Following feedback from parents, educators and students, the set-up of the colleges will remain as is. Furthermore, to cater for the imbalance in the college population, the middle-school set-up will not be the same in all colleges.Some colleges will have the middle school on premises within the same secondary school set-up.These include the following schools: Mosta Boys’ Secondary School, Mosta Girls’ Secondary School, Zejtun Girls’ Secondary School, Sta Lucia Girls’ Secondary School and Pembroke Secondary School.The other middle schools will be operating from another school as shown below:
Co-education to start in Form 1 in all colleges from September
The Education Ministry said that all other students in the secondary sector will continue their education in the current schools.

Press Statement – Jan 13, 2014

New football ground inaugurated at San Lawrenz, Gozo

A new football ground in San Lawrenz, Gozo, has been inaugurated by the Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport, Dr Stefan Buontempo and the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo.This ground is part of a programme of funding worth half a million euros that the Government said it is investing in sport for Gozo.
The Parliamentary Secretary said that this investment means that sports facilities in Gozo will not only be at a high level, by that also particpants in sports competitions and activities in Malta will be able to benefit though the recently announced scheme to aid with expenses.The Minister for Gozo mentioned that in recent months a great deal of work has been done that will give a completely new dimension to sports on the island. He announced that in due course a new pitch will be inaugurated in the Zebbug primary school as well as in Kercem.Dr Refalo stated that the Ministry for Gozo is committed through this coming year to continue its work against obesity among children in Gozo.The Minister said that work is being done on grounds in Ghajnsielem, Qala and Gharb, so that every village team on the island will have an appropriate place for taining. “This investment is being done with the aim to encourage more children to practice sport in Gozo.”

Press Statement – Jan 8, 2014

Tablets for Schools pilot project to begin in classrooms this March


The ‘One Tablet per Child’ pilot project was launched this morning during a press conference by the Minister for Education and Employment, Evarist Bartolo, in which the details of the pilot project for the introduction of computer tablets in primary schools were explained.An expression of interest was published today for interested parties from the private sector to offer their solutions for evaluation in the pilot project. The aim is to test different types of hardware and software and make evaluations based on feedback from educators and students.Educators, not students, will be the first to try out the different tablets starting from March 2014 while students in schools taking part in the pilot project will utilise tablets from October 2014.The pilot project is expected to end in March 2015 and then, after an evaluation of the pilots, the procurement of the tablets for Year 4 students on a national level will take place.The Minister explained that the pilot project’s aims are to evaluate and trial the different approaches the Government has to choose from in light of changing technologies, as well as the fact that the technological tool itself is cutting edge, and therefore still in the early stages of use in the educational sector.“The outcome of these pilots will provide a clear picture of what works best in the Maltese context and allow the Ministry to be better prepared for the procurement of tablets for the ‘One Tablet per Child’ proposal on a national level,” the Minister said.He added that “the priority will not be just the hardware; the software aspect of the proposal is also crucial. In the pilot project the Government will also make sure that schools are well-equipped to meet infrastructural needs, such as having a good internet connection and electrical charging points.“The Ministry is already in discussions with MITA on the technical needs of this initiative.”

Minister Bartolo said the number of schools and students taking part in the pilot project phase will depend on the number of private companies that submit an interest in the call. Each company submitting an interest will be asked to equip at least one primary class with its chosen tablet for the duration of the project. A call will be issued soon to teachers in state primary classrooms to volunteer to take part in the pilot projects.

“The Department for eLearning, within the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, is responsible for the implementation of this project.”

During the press conference, the Minister for Education and Employment, said that the introduction of tablets in schools needed to be well-planned to allow educators to familiarise themselves with the technology in a classroom context. He added that this is an educational project, rather than simply a technological one, with the clear goals of promoting literacy skills, numeracy skills and digital literacy.

Minister Bartolo emphasised that the pilot project, and the eventual full implementation of the ‘One Tablet per Child’ proposal, would be done in collaboration with the Malta Union of Teachers.

“The MUT was consulted during the preparation for the call for pilot projects and the union agreed in principle on holding such projects. The Ministry considers the MUT a partner in the national implementation of the tablet proposal and as a result regular talks will be held with the union on this initiative,” the Minister said.


Press Release – Dec 22, 2013

Heads of the Gozo College schools presented donations in aid of the Community Chest Fund.

Photos: Charles Spiteri

A Christmas Mass was recently held at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary for all schoolchildren of the Gozo College.

Photos shows Elenia Jo Sciberras delivering the traditional child’s Christmas sermon (top) and children taking part in the offertry. The Mass was celebrated by Fr Joseph Bajada, the Gozo bishop’s delegate for pastoral activities in schools. The congregation included the President’s wife Margaret Abela and Gozo Minister Anton Refalo accompanied by the Gozo College Principal Mr Victor Galea The Rabat Primary school choir and the Junior College Orchestra animated the liturgy. At the end of the Mass, heads of schools presented donations to Mrs Abela in aid of the Community Chest Fund.


Press Release – Dec 16, 2013

Gozitan Students Awarded for Programming Skills and Creativity

Two teams of students from the Gozo College placed second in two different  categories for a national computing competition – “Only Girls Allowed”.  The aim of the competition was to encourage young female students to take-up computing.  A team of 3 students from the Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School, who independently took part in the competition under the guidance of Mr Sam Cefai, came in second within the Storytelling Alice category.  Another team of 3 students from the Gozo College Girls’ Secondary School, under the guidance of Mr Robert Said, came in second within the Kodu category.

The students on each team were awarded a certificate in recognition of their good programming skills and creativity displayed within their projects, together with a game console.

The winners of the competition were announced by Hon. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis during a press event held at St Therese College, Girls Secondary School in Mrieħel.

The competition was organised by the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) together with the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, the eLearning Centre within the Directorates for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE) and Educational Services (DES), and supported by Microsoft.

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Press Release – Dec 12, 2013

Gozitan students attend symbolic ceremony in the House of Representatives

A symbolic ceremony by the National and Regional Celebrations Committee – Gozo, was held this morning in the House of Representatives as part of the celebrations for Republic Day 2013.

After the opening speech by the President of the committee, Mgr Joe Vella Gauci, lapel pins of white gold, bearing the coat of arms of the Republic of Malta were presented to the Leader of the Opposition Simon Busuttil, as well as the Speaker of the House of Representatives Anglu Farrugia, in the presence of a number of Gozitan students.

The Speaker congratulated the students presentm promising that he would wear the pin bearing the emblem of the Republic of Malta at all occasions, especially when on Parliamentary work abroad .

A pin was also be presented to the President during the following day in Gozo, during a Republic Day concert at the Ministry.


Press Release – Dec 6, 2013

Gozo youngsters do well in the Annual Schools’ Cross Country Competition

Gozo youngsters do well in the Annual Schools’ Cross County Competition

Children from two schools in Gozo particpated in Wednesday’s Annual Schools’ Cross County Competition in Marsa (1km for Primary and 2k and 3.3km for Secondary) as a part of an active sport day for schools. The teams from Gozo included youngsters from Qala Primary and a team of boys from the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary, Victoria.

The schools’ event was set up by Malta Amateur Athletic Association and the Cross Country Competition was held on the grass area around the Marsa Athletic Track.

Louis Debattista of Gozo-Greyhounds in Qala accompanied the Qala team, as a volunteer in the school and a member of the school council, saying it “was a well organised and well attended event.”

The girls of Qala Primary came 4th, 10th, 45th, and 48th out of 62 entrants and the boys were place 32nd, 39th, 43rd and 58th out of 74 entrants.

Louis commented, “I was really hoping to see more kids from other Gozo schools attending this event.” He added, “well done youngsters and a big thank you to the Heads of Education, the heads of schools and the PE teachers. Thank you for giving my kid and other kids a chance to do this event.”


Press statement – Dec 4, 2013

Gozo College collaborates to bring the Gozitan voice on active citizenship and the EU representation

The Gozo University Group said today that it is pleased with the success of the series of events held last weekend, organised by the GUG, in collaboration with Agenzija Zaghzagh and the Gozo College for the 2013 edition of the annual ‘Youth Gozo’ initiative.“The Gozitan voice was brought to the forefront during a debate that took place between 15 and 16-year old students and a subsequent conference dealing with the themes of ” the GUG said.
“The involvement of younger students in the first event provided sound encouragement for potential activists in youth organisations both locally and internationally.”The Gozo College Principal Mr Victor Galea presented a certificate of participation to the Gozo College Boys and Girls Secondary Schools.GUG concluded by saying that it hopes that the outreach of such initiatives enables students and young workers alike to strive for an active role in forming a better future.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Press Release – Dec 02, 2013

Proġett Pilota f’Għawdex fejn studenti jingħataw taħriġ vokazzjonali bħala parti mill-Core Curriculum Programme

Kif imħabbar mil-gvern fix-xhur li għaddew, f’Għawdex tnieda proġett pilota bejn l-Iskola Sekondarja tas-Subien fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ t’Għawdex u ċ-Ċentru tal-MCAST t’Għawdex, fejn studenti tal-Form 3 qegħdin jingħataw taħriġ vokazzjonali bħala parti mill-Core Curriculum Programme li sa tmiem l-edukazzjoni obbligatorja tagħhom se jwassalhom għal Ċertifikat fil-Livell 1 tal-Qafas Nazzjonali tal-Kwalifiċi.
F’dan il-programm, l-istudenti jsegwu l-Kurrikulu Nazzjonali b’differenza li apparti s-suġġetti fil-ħiliet bażici li jingħataw fl-Iskola Sekondarja, dawn l-istudenti jattendu wkoll għal taħriġ vokazzjonali fl-MCAST.  It-taħriġ li qed jingħataw huwa fil-Basic Engineering Skills li jinkludi numru ta’ modules fosthom xogħol bażiku fl-injam, fis-sheetmetal u fabrication, fil-benchfitting u fl-elettriku.
L-Onorevoli  Evarist Bartolo, Ministru għall-Edukazzjoni u x-Xogħol, iltaqa’ mal-ġenituri tal-istudenti li qegħdin isegwu dan il-programm fejn sema’ mingħandhom l-esperjenzi pożittivi ta’ wliedhom.  Il-ġenituri esprimew sodisfazzjon u apprezzament għal din l-inizjattiva  u ressqu suġġerimenti fuq kif dan il-programm għandu jitwessa’ fin-numru ta’ suġġetti vokazzjonali bħal bini u kostruzzjoni, mekkanika awtomobilistika, agrikultura u suġġetti relatati mal-Industrija tat-Turiżmu.
“Dan il-programm li qed jagħmel ibni jiswielu ta’ pediment għad-dinja tax-Xogħol” stqarr mal-Ministru is-Sur Carmel Camilleri waqt li s-Sinjura Doreen Formosa, ġenitur ta’ student ieħor qalet li “Minkejja li ibni forsi ma tantx jinqala’ daqshekk għas-suġġetti akkademici, f’dan il-programm ibni sab il-milja tiegħu.  Jinqala’ ħafna għax-xogħol tal-idejn u l-fatt li jkollu din l-opportunita’ ta’ darbtejn fil-ġimgħa jitgħallem xogħol tal-idejn, issa beda jiġi d-dar u jirrakkonta kemm x’tgħallem fl-iskola u anke fl-MCAST.  Bil-fors li issa l-iskola bdiet tagħmel sens għalih!”
Il-Prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ t’Għawdex, is-Sur Victor Galea, spjega kif il-ġenituri huma s-sħab ewlenija fis-suċċess ta’ dan il-programm.  “Il-ġenituri huma kuntenti li meta uliedhom, li bħalissa qegħdin fit-Tielet Sena tas-Sekondarja, ser ikollhom l-opportunita’ li joħorġu mill-Iskola Sekondarja bi kwalifika fl-Ewwel Livell fl-Inġinerija Bażika offruti fl-MCAST, flimkien ma’ suġġetti bażici oħrajn offruti fl-Iskola Sekondarja.  Qed issir kollaborazzjoni qawwjia bejn il-Kulleġġ t’Ghawdex u l-MCAST sabiex studenti Għawdxin li huma nklinati għax-xogħol tal-idejn u snajja tingħatalhom din l-opportunita’ u b’hekk it-tagħlim għal dawn l-istudenti partikulari jsir interessanti, relevanti, u jimmotivahom biex ikomplu bl-istudji tagħhom wara s-sekondarja minflok ma jitilqu mill-iskola f’eta’ żgħira”.
Il-Ministru rringrazzja lil ġenituri tal-interess u tas-suġġerimenti IMG_6340tagħhom u wegħedhom li se jkompli jaħdem ħalli dan il-programm ikun irfinat u sabiex jilħaq l-għanjiet tiegħu.  Anke wera x-xewqa li dan il-programm iservi ta’ mudell sabiex jiġi wkoll implimentat fil-Kulleġġi f’Malta.
Wara din il-laqgħa, il-Ministru flimkien mal-ġenituri kellhom l-opportunita` li jżuru l-workshops waqt li uliedhom kienu qed jieħdu sessjoni ta’ prattika.  L-istudenti spjegaw lill-Ministru x-xogħol li wettqu s’issa tul dawn is-sessjonijiet ta’ prattika fix-xogħol tal-injam u l-metall.  L-Onorevoli Bartolo seta’ jara wkoll il-portfolios tas-suġġetti vokazzjonali kif wkoll dawk akkademiċi bħal Matematika, Ingliż, Taljan u Xjenza.


Preżenti għal laqgħa kien hemm wkoll Prof Grace Grima, Direttur Ġenerali DQSE, is-Sur Stephen Cachia, Prinċipal tal-MCAST, is-sur Godwin Grech, Direttur taċ-Ċentru tal-MCAST f’Għawdex, is-Sur Victor Galea, Prinċipal tal-Kulleġġ ta’ Għawdex u Dr Frank Abela, Kap tal-Iskola Sekondarja tas-Subien fi ħdan il-Kulleġġ t’Għawdex.




Press Release – Nov 28, 2013

Awareness Day activities take place at Gozo College Kercem Primary

Awareness Day activities take place at Gozo College Kercem Primary

Gozo College Kercem Primary, through the Health and Safety teacher Mr Joseph DeBrincat, organised an Awareness Day on Thursday, financed by the Kercem Local Council.

The exercise included a simulation of a car accident, with the participaion of a Year 6 student who called the Emergency Number 112. A team from the Civil Protection Department (Gozo Branch) and an ambulance with crew from the Gozo General Hospital arrived on the scene where they carried out a hands-on and exciting rescue exercise.

A nurse then delivered a brief talk regarding the ambulance crew role in a traffic accident scene.Afterwards, the students, staff and parents participated in a hands-on demonstration of a chip-pan and LPG gas fire. A fire blanket and appropriate extinguishers were used to tackle those fires.

Mr Peter Paul Mercieca, Station Officer CPD, highlighted the importance of preventing fire accidents in our homes and what one should do in case of an emergency. Staff and parents showed great interest in the whole event


Press Statement – Nov 27, 2013

Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School students attend Discover University Week

GC Boys' Secondary School students attend Discover University Week

Nineteen students from Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School Form 3 Blue and Indigo were recently given the opportunity to participate and compete in an Italian event organised by the Department of Arts & Languages in Education at the University of Malta.

This particular event was part of the Open Week, Discover University, held at the University of Malta earlier in November. During this period, a variety of activities showcased the University’s various facets through a number of themes including: Courses, Research, Faculties and Departments, Junior College, Student Life, Sports, Cultural Activities, The Library, Administration, Alumni and others.

Particular days were reserved for activities for secondary school students and sixth formers, and all the events held during this week were aimed to attract prospective University students, alumni and interested members of the general public who wanted to find out how the University works and plays on a daily basis.

The students from Boys’ Secondary School represented the Gozo College, while another 5 classes from different Maltese schools represented other Maltese Colleges.

The Maltese participants came from St Benedict College, Maria Regina College, St Ignatius College, San Andrea School and Immaculate Conception School (in Tarxien).

The Italian Ambassador for Malta, the Education Officer of Italian language and other University of Mala lecturers and Professors of Italian attended this particular Italian themed event.

The cultural topic presented by the Gozo students in front of the students from Maltese schools was entitled: ‘Vacanze in Italia – opportunita` turistiche in un paese straordinario.’

The Maltese schools presented similar topics, some of which included: ‘Un viaggio interattivo in Sicilia,’ ‘Tutti a tavola’, ‘Il tempo libero,’ ‘Impariamo con la pubblicita` italiana and Avanti un altro!’

The Gozo College Boys Secondary School would like to give special thanks to Mr Francesco Barberi (Assistente Comenius di lingua italiana) who helped in the setting up of this particular activity and travelled with the Gozo students to Malta for the delivery of the presentation in question.

Apart from visiting the University, the students had the opportunity to observe what happens on a daily basis on Campus and to learn about the multifaceted aspects of what goes on behind the scenes as well.

Furthermore, thanks to the Italian Ambassador for Malta, the students were also awarded some Italian books as well.

Gozo College Boys’ Secdoray School said that “without any doubt, the event was indeed a great success!”


Press Statement – Nov 26, 2013

Gozo College Qala Primary presented with Green Flag during Eko-Skola National Awards

Last Friday was a memorable day for Qala Primary School’s staff and students, when during a special ceremony held in the school hall, they were awarded the Green Flag for their high environmental standards, during the annual EkoSkola Seminar.

The Green Flag award is an international recognition awarded to eco-schools who promoted an environmental and sustainable developmental education in their schools.

The Eco Schools programme was launched in Malta in 2002 by Nature Trust (Malta) as the Malta representative of FEE. The programme is now being run in the majority of the schools in Malta and Gozo, making it one of the biggest and most successful environmental programmes in the Maltese Islands.

The EkoSkola is about empowering students in the running of this programme thus ensuring that our islands will have more responsible citizens in the future. The aim of Eco-Schools is to raise students’ awareness of sustainable development issues thought classroom study and community action.

Qala Primary School said that receiving the award was a great achievement for everyone, with both the staff and students believing in this Eko-Skola project from its beginning.

The ceremony started with students from Years 4, 5 and 6 each singing a song that carried an environmental message.

Among those present for the ceremony were Prof. Paul Pace (Eko-Skola National Coordinator), Mr Vincent Attard (President of Nature Trust Malta), Mr Victor Galea (Gozo College Principal) and the Minister for Gozo Dr.Anton Refalo, who all delivered a short message to all those present.

During the EkoSkola Seminar, held at Qala Primary, students and staff, representing various schools across Gozo received recognition for actively promoting Education for Sustainable Development.


Press Statement – Nov 25, 2013

Gozo College fully collaborates with the Student’s Art Scheme: Know Your Skills in Arts

In collaboration with the Gozo College, the Gozo Cultural Council within the Ministry for Gozo launched it’s art scheme targeted for year 5 primary children from 14 Gozo schools.

The scheme, known as ‘Know Your Skills in the Arts’ aims at encouraging our younger students to participate in extra curricular activities through the arts, thus giving them opportunities to develop and share their abilities in their environment.

Gozo’s Minister, Dr Anton Refalo presided the launch, which took place at the Banca Giuratale, Victoria, and stressed the importance of involving our younger students in such events. He thanked the school heads attending the launch for their unqualified care and attention towards their students in all Gozo schools.

The participating schools and students were each presented with an art kit to help towards expenses in this initiative.

Students will be painting original ideas with the theme ‘The joy of Christmas’ as the subject. A selection board will later choose the best entries from amongst the 240 participating students. The best students will then enter the 2nd phase of the scheme targeted for Easter time.


Press Statement – Nov 23, 2013

Gozo College Xewkija Primary achieves a thrid ‘Green Flag Award’

Gozo College Xewkija Primary achieves a third 'Green Flag Award'

Gozo College Xewkija Primary School, has for the third time, been awarded the prestigious international ‘Green Flag Award.’

Members of the EkoSkola Committee from the school were presented with this award by the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo, during the annual EkoSkola Seminar held at Qala Primary School on Friday.

The Green Flag award is an international recognition awarded to eco-schools who promoted an environmental and sustainable developmental education in their schools.

The EkoSkola is about empowering students in the running of this programme thus ensuring that our islands will have more responsible citizens in the future. The aim of Eco-Schools is to raise students’ awareness of sustainable development issues thought classroom study and community action.

The Gozo College Xewkija Primary EkoSkola Committee, which was formed by the majority of children and also includes members of the staff and the local community, said it “strived day in and day out in promoting environmental and healthy habits for all the school community.”

Gozo College Xewkija Primary added that for the past two years, “its incessant green initiatives have been rewarded by a number of achievements. This success was also a result of the joint venture and cooperation of the Gozo College, Xewkija Parish, Xewkija Local Council and all NGOs as well as the preceeding head of school Mr Saviour Tabone.”

The Committee will now meet and discuss the celebration of this Special day in the coming days with all the school community.


Press Statement – Nov 21, 2013

Awareness Day organised for Gozo College Gharb and San Lawrenz Primary Schools

Awareness Day organised for Gharb and San Lawrenz Primary Schools

Gharb and San Lawrenz Primary Schools, through their Health and Safety teacher Mr Joseph DeBrincat organised an awareness day on Tuesday at the Gozo College Gharb Primary School.

A simulation of a car accident was mounted where a Year 6 student called the Emergency Number 112. A team from the Civil Protection Department and an ambulance from the Gozo General Hospital arrived on the scene where they carried out an exciting rescue exercise, giving those present an insight into the procedures performed by the rescue services.

Afterwards the students, staff and parents participated in a hands-on demonstration under supervision, of a chip-pan and LPG gas fire. A fire blanket and appropriate extinguishers were used to tackle those fires.

Mr Peter Paul Mercieca, Station Officer of the CPD, also delivered a talk highlighting the importance of preventing fire accidents in our homes and what one should do in case of an emergency. Staff and parents were able to contribute to the discussions with a question and answer session.

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