Phase Sessions (previously known as Induction Courses)

IfE 009 – Phase Courses 1st round October till January

IfE 009 – Phase Courses 2nd round March till May

The Institute for Education is organising Phase Sessions for College Principals, Assistant Directors, Service Managers, Education Officers, Heads of Schools, Acting Heads of Schools and Assistant Heads of Primary, Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, both newly appointed and not. These sessions are substituting the Induction Course which used to be only for newly appointed Heads and Assistant Heads of Schools so that now anyone can attend the sessions according to the identified personal professional needs.

Participants can choose to attend any session they find relevant for their position. Each session will be repeated twice yearly and therefore participants can choose to attend the session which is on the day and time most convenient for them.

The list of sessions and outcomes, together with the name of the speaker, date, time and venue can be found in two separate documents with the dates of Round 1 sessions between October and May and the dates of Round 2 (repeated) sessions between March and May.

Applicants can apply for any session from any round. Applicants are asked to submit their application for the various sessions through the following link:

Kindly note that the session on the submission form entitled ‘The role of an Assistant Head in the Secondary school’ (first round) will be held on Friday 11th November 2016 rather than on Wednesday 9th November 2016. It is important to apply early since only the first thirty will be accepted per session. For any clarifications contact Mr Rudolph Rossignaud on telephone number: 2598 3707

Thanks for your collaboration.
Joanne Grima
CEO Institute for Education

Ser terġa’ tibda l-iskola! Strateġiji ta’għajnuna

adhd-maltaImage result for school starting again

“Ser terġa’ tibda l-iskola!  Strateġiji ta’għajnuna”

Kelliema:  Ms Mary Jane Camilleri

Data: Il-Ġimgħa 16 ta’ Settembru, 2016

Hin: 5.30pm

Post: NGO centre Xewkija (ma’ ġenb iċ–ċimiterju)

Ikun hemm min jieħu ħsieb it-tfal (donazzjoni ta’ 2€ kull tifel/tifla sa 4€ kull familja)

Għal aktar informazzjoni tista’ ċċempel 25986881/2

Il-laqgħat isiru fit-tielet Ġimgħa ta’ kull xahar

Zur  ‘ADHD malta  facebook page’ biex tkun taf bl-attivitajiet li jkollna.

Prospective Psychosocial Room Gozo College

As part of the refurbishment of the Education Office Gozo, a room will be dedicated to psychosocial therapy for the benefit of pupils seeking Psychosocial Services.

We would like to kindly ask your assistance by donating toys that may enable us to help children and families in our community with quality programs and services.

What kind of toys can be donated?

The photo attached can give you an impression of what we have in mind. We welcome any donations of gently used toys. For the purpose of therapy, toys which may be of aid include: plastic animals, human figures, barbies, action figures, soldiers, dinosaurs, dolls, doll house, cars, airplanes, boats, hand puppets, doctor’s kit, cooking set, tool set, building bricks/blocks, masks, costumes, kinetic sand, musical instruments, plasticine, paints/crayons. (Please do not, however, donate broken toys or toys with parts missing).

The toys received will be used to equip the psychosocial therapy room. Your kindness and generosity may ensure that minors in need are provided with a child-centered environment and quality intervention.

If you have any toys you would like to donate, please contact our psychologist Ms Allison Zammit Said on  or phone (+356) 2598 6881.

It would be appreciated if you can forward contents of this e-mail to all staff members of the Gozo College.

Thank you for this collective collaboration.

Victor Galea

College Principal

Embracing Diversity