Phase Sessions (previously known as Induction Courses)

IfE 009 – Phase Courses 1st round October till January

IfE 009 – Phase Courses 2nd round March till May

The Institute for Education is organising Phase Sessions for College Principals, Assistant Directors, Service Managers, Education Officers, Heads of Schools, Acting Heads of Schools and Assistant Heads of Primary, Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, both newly appointed and not. These sessions are substituting the Induction Course which used to be only for newly appointed Heads and Assistant Heads of Schools so that now anyone can attend the sessions according to the identified personal professional needs.

Participants can choose to attend any session they find relevant for their position. Each session will be repeated twice yearly and therefore participants can choose to attend the session which is on the day and time most convenient for them.

The list of sessions and outcomes, together with the name of the speaker, date, time and venue can be found in two separate documents with the dates of Round 1 sessions between October and May and the dates of Round 2 (repeated) sessions between March and May.

Applicants can apply for any session from any round. Applicants are asked to submit their application for the various sessions through the following link:

Kindly note that the session on the submission form entitled ‘The role of an Assistant Head in the Secondary school’ (first round) will be held on Friday 11th November 2016 rather than on Wednesday 9th November 2016. It is important to apply early since only the first thirty will be accepted per session. For any clarifications contact Mr Rudolph Rossignaud on telephone number: 2598 3707

Thanks for your collaboration.
Joanne Grima
CEO Institute for Education

Let Me Learn Professional Learning Process

On Tuesday 14th June, teachers from the Gozo College participated in a ceremony organised by the Let Me Learn (LML) Malta Centre, which rewarded them with a certificate for successfully completing the training and/or mentoring in the Let Me Learn Professional Learning Process.  LML is an advanced learning system that is built on the idea that each and every one of us is a unique learner.  The LML process gives students and their teachers an understanding of who they are as learners and a vocabulary to communicate this with each other. This self awareness leads to the development of learner specific strategies maximising learning potential. Educators present for the ceremony shared their Let Me Learn journey and plans for further collaboration were discussed.  The Gozo College continues in its efforts to use the Let Me Learn Process as a tool which equips its educators with skills and techniques aimed at reaching all learners.

Sessjoni ta’ Taħriġ fil-Metodoloġija tal-Programm Aqra Miegħi / Read with Me

L-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu tal-Ministeru għall-Edukazzjoni u x-Xogħol se tissokta xxerred u ssaħħaħ il-programm nazzjonali tal-qari għall-gost Aqra Miegħi/Read with Me. Dan il-programm, li kien tħabbar fl-Istrateġija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu għal Kulħadd tal-2014, qed jixpruna t-tagħlim tal-ħiliet tal- litteriżmu sa mill-ewwel snin kruċjali ta’ bejn it-twelid u qabel it-tfal jidħlu fil-Kindergarten. Fil-programm, kull ġimgħa jsiru attivitajiet interattivi u ferriħija ta’ litteriżmu u numeriżmu bikri għal trabi u tfal żgħar minn 0 sa 3 snin bis-sehem tal-ġenituri, in-nanniet, iz-zijiet jew il-kustodji tal-istess tfal. Dawn is-sessjonijiet isiru bil-Malti jew bl-Ingliż f’kollaborazzjoni mal-entità Libreriji Maltin. Bħalissa l-programm qed jitħaddem f’madwar sittin ċentru f’Malta u Għawdex. Bil-ħsieb li l-programm jiġi offrut biż-żewġ lingwi fiċ-ċentri kollha, qed noħorġu sejħa oħra għal animaturi tal-qari prospettivi (għalliema, KGAs, LSAs u ġenituri) li jixtiequ jagħtu sessjonijiet ta’ dan il-programm.

L-animaturi jrid ikollhom ir-rieda u l-ħeġġa li jħajru lit-tfal u lil min ikun qed jieħu ħsiebhom jieħu sehem attiv f’għadd ta’ attivitajiet interattivi ta’ qari għall-gost. Huma jridu jkunu jistgħu jagħtu sessjoni/jiet kull ġimgħa u jattendu t-taħriġ li se jsir apposta għalihom fis-27 ta’ Ġunju 2016, fl-4:30 ta’ waranofsinhar, fiċ-Ċentru Nazzjonali tal-Kurrikulu, Triq Joe Abela Scolaro, il-Ħamrun. Il-kors ta’ taħriġ se jsir mill-Aġenzija Nazzjonali tal-Litteriżmu bi sħab maċ-Ċentru tal-Litteriżmu tal-Università ta’ Malta.

Kull min hu interessat għandu jibgħat ittra elettronika bid-dettalji tiegħu lill-Aġenzija fl-indirizz elettroniku jew iċempel 2598 2990 sal-24 ta’ Ġunju 2016.

Min jixtieq ikun jaf aktar fuq il-programm jista’

Mindfulness course for Educators

24 educators from the Gozo College were awarded a certificate for attending and successfully completing the “Mindfulness Course for Educators” consisting of 12 contact hours.

 The course was delivered by Ms Helena Fone who is an accredited teacher of Mindfulness in Schools. Mr Victor Galea, (College Principal, Gozo College) and (Mr Mario Cardona, Director, Early School Leavers) also joined for the closure of this course.

This course was designed as one of the measures the Gozo College is taking to combat Early School Leavers.

Comics in the Classroom (Teachers’ Workshop in Gozo)

Karrie Fransman’s Comics

Valletta 2018 Foundation is pleased to announce a hands-on interactive workshop for teachers based in Gozo. This workshop led by an international artist graphic novelist Karrie Fransman (Penguin Random House, The Guardian, and The Times) explores how comics can be used to bring stories to life in history, literature or science thus bringing creativity to the classroom [more details on the artist can be found on

During the 3-day workshop, your teachers can discover how visual storytelling can make information exciting and engaging for school children. They will learn about the history of visual storytelling from the Bayeux tapestry to digital, interactive comics. They will play games that can be used in the class room, race to construct a timeline of comics, play with storytelling cards, spend time creating their own graphic stories, and examine how to use comics in the classroom. These skills, tools and ideas will help the teachers work even more creatively with their pupils.

These workshops are primarily aimed at Primary School Teachers based in Gozo. The dates are 16, 19 and 20 September 2016 and the time 8.30a.m. – 12.30p.m. The venue is 11, Mongur Street, GRB1435,Għarb, Gozo.

For more information or queries, email Valletta 2018 Education Co-ordinator Angele  Galea, Education Co-ordinator  Valletta 2018 If interested, kindly send names, ID no and email addresses to Scerri Marisa at MEDE and Grima Joanne-Rita at iLearn

Pestalozzi Programme Workshop – Head of School Ms Pauline Grech

The Head of School Miss Pauline Grech attended a Workshop of the Pestalozzi programme of the  Council of Europe organized in Santander Spain between the 10th and 13th April 2016.

The workshop was entitled: Towards an inclusive school: addressing respect and celebrating diversity . Given the critical social context in Europe, this workshop focused on inclusion on the level of school but also on the level of society as well as on the respect of diversity. The situation with regard to migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and also to people at risk of exclusion because of gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, etc. was considered.

During this workshop educators from the following countries participated:  Spain, France, Italy, Bosnia Herzogovina, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Malta. Miss Grech was the only representative from Malta.