Career Paths and Journeys

On Wednesday 18th of October, the Gozo College Secondary School welcomed Mr Mark Laurence Zammit as part of our Career Paths and Journeys Program. The students attending both the Gozo College Middle School and Gozo College Secondary School had the opportunity to ask Mr Zammit various questions about his personal Career Progression Path and about the ample opportunities available to them within the Journalism and Media Industry.

QUOTATION GC 40/2017 – Garden Furniture

Supply and delivery of Garden Furniture (Teak in colour), having approximately dimensions of:

  • 6 Benches – 125cm x 60cm
  • 1 Matching wooden table – 90cm x 120cm (preferably extendable)
  • 1 Umbrella in beige canvas (2mt x 3mt)

Quote is valid for 3 months.


Kindly submit your quotes by, Friday 22nd September 2017 till 12.00HRS (latest).

It is appreciated if above furniture be delivered by not later than the end of October 2017.


KIDS 4 KIDS Campaign 2017


Period:       Campaign will take place in various interested Schools between 1st October 2017 until end of November 2017.

School:       The School will choose the population of students to participate in this campaign. Each school can target a particular age frame or class.

YMCA:         As part of the Campaign, YMCA is willing to give a brief talk/introduction on the campaign event; explaining what homelessness, factors of homelessness is & why we are doing it.

Students:     Ideally craft several Christmas cards (rather than buy new ones) as a home-take or class exercise with a personalized message they wish to convey to homeless kids, families and individuals.

School:       Students are empowered by the School, to donate from their pocket money to help us organize a Christmas Party & Lunch for homeless & vulnerable people and kids.  YMCA can either distribute tins to the school or else the school organizes this itself.

December:     A Christmas party & Christmas Lunch will be held for homeless and vulnerable people and kids.

January:      A thank-you certificate, with the name of the particular school, will be issued. It will include the amount of cards & funds donated by the school for this campaign.  A thank-you letter, including a financial statement of the event, will be issued and delivered with the certificate to the particular school.


Better together – Wellbeing & Queer

As part of Malta Pride 2017, LGBTI+ Gozo in collaboration with Mental Health Association Gozo invites you to a talk on Mental Wellbeing & Queer.  This will cater sexuality within mentally challenged individuals, and the challenges that one face together with the stigmatisation about such topic.  On the other hand questioning the nature and importance of Mental well-being in today’s fast paced environment.  On an eve of a public holiday, we look forward to meeting you on Thursday 7th September, registration 09:30hrs.  RSVP by messaging us on Facebook.

Pride17 - BT

Summer Programme ~ Fun O’clock 2017

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ in collaboration with the Gozo College and Sir Michelang Refalo, Centre for Further Studies, organised a programme called Fun O’clock.  The programme was aimed for all Gozitan youths aged between 11 and 16 years.

This drop-in programme welcomed Gozitan teenagers twice a week at the Gozo Youth Hub at Sir Michelangelo Refalo.  The youth worker in charge, organised various activities such as art, crafts and also outdoor activities, which turned out to be the most popular.  In total, 30 youths applied for this programme.

The programme was categorised into two sections, where during the first hour the youths were encouraged to participate in a team building activity which they really liked.  Then during the last hour the participants were free to do any task that s/he likes at the Youth Hub.  They were free to play the play station, doing crafts, playing board games and so on.  Since this programme was a drop in basis, the participants were more willing to come and enjoy themselves at this summer programme.

The activity that youths were mostly enthusiastic about, was the outing at the Dreams of Horses.  At the end of this programme the youth worker together with the career advisor organised an outing to a local horses’ farm where youths had the opportunity to learn about interacting with various animals, especially horses.  The participants aquired quite a lot of information about horses especially how to pat a horse, the different types of horses, their life span, how to take care and communicate with a horse.

Nonetheless, these particpants also had opportunity to enjoy other animals such as guinea pigs, free range chickens, goose and ducks. The atmosphere of the farm lightened the day.  This was an experience for all of us to cherish especially for the youths that really had a great time.

Embracing Diversity