Evening under the Stars at Dwejra, Gozo

The Institute of Space Sciences & Astronomy (ISSA) and the Department of Physics of the University of Malta, in collaboration with The Astronomical Society of Malta and Din l-Art Ħelwa, once again invites the general public to a night under starry skies at one of the few remaining dark sites on our islands: Dwejra in Gozo.

The event will be held on Friday, 30th December at 5:30pm for an overview of the night sky. Astrophysicists and amateur astronomers will be at hand to answer any questions related to astronomy. A telescope will be set up to project live images of celestial objects. In particular, it is expected to obtain some fantastic views of the Orion nebula in all its splendour!
Both adults and especially children and students are welcome to this event. In the event of overcast skies or other unfavourable weather conditions, there will be a line up of astronomy-themed documentaries and talks.
To attend this event, kindly register your name and email address through the following link:


Space at the tower is limited and acceptance will be on a first-come, first served basis. Kindly note that the “path” up to Dwejra Tower is steep and uneven. It may not be suitable for persons with mobility issues. Also ascending or descending in the dark is potentially hazardous so extreme care should be taken and it is advisable to carry a torch.

International KA1 courses in Lisbon (Portugal), Joensuu (Finland), Reykjavik (Iceland), Gozo (Malta) and Slovenia (Ljubljana)

International Courses 

Supported and funded by the Erasmus+ Programme KA1 “Mobility of Learners and Staff”



Experience Learning in an International Context!

Dear friends and colleagues

We have a long-lasting tradition and experience in international courses within the Erasmus+ programme.

All our courses are centred on the important issue of improving the overall educational quality of your school or organisation.

Click on the title to open the website page. Every course is also registered in the EU School Education Gateway.

Differentiated Evaluation (May 2017, Lisbon – Beach, Portugal)

Diversity is part of today’s society. More and more, these differences can be seen in the classroom. An efficient approach of diversity needs to be based on the recognition of those differences. The teaching processes, the teaching methods and evaluation methods have to evolve with the changes that are noticed in the classroom. This 4 days course aims at introducing and implementing differentiated methods of pupils and students evaluation.

During the course, there is a study visit to a Portuguese school that is fully engaged in looking at differences as an opportunity for educational innovation.

Teach, Learn and Quality (Lisbon Beach, Portugal)

In education, quality is essential. In this course, three different aspects of that quality are dealt with: its structure, the human element and the part of the school team.

The course tries to reveal the importance of getting the whole school team involved in the implementation of the schools’ educational quality programme.

Finnish Lessons for European schools (Joensuu, Finland)

Participants in this course will learn all about the Finnish educational system by visiting schools with an outstanding quality development plan in Joensuu North-Karelia (Finland).
Finland’s answer to educational reform results in a high learning output.

STE(A)M: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (Lisbon – South Bank, Portugal)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are crucial keystones in today’s society.
In current curricula and educational systems, there is a tendency to integrate these subjects into one approach: STEM.
Proof has already been given that this methodology hugely enhances the student’s motivation.

Diversity in Education (Lisbon Centre,  Portugal)

In this course, participants will learn how to deal with diversity in an educational environment, they will experience it within the course and will learn to consider it a meaningful challenge.
Coping with diversity is a way of looking at different people in another way, especially in times when schools are being confronted with inclusion and pupils with lots of diverse backgrounds.

During this course, we provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes the participants need to cope with diversity.

Teaching Tomorrow (Gozo, Malta)

Schools are facing many changes that have an impact on all levels and for all stakeholders.
Inspirational and strategic leadership provides a vision and direction towards effectiveness and success.  Participants will get to know new teaching and learning methods that face the educational challenges of the future.

The power of non-formal learning (Lisbon – South Bank, Portugal)

Methods of so-called non-formal learning can help to improve the students’ learning mood and motivation a lot.
Participants will discover several approaches to non-formal education, gain knowledge and experience several of these methods.

Meta Learning and Thinking Skills (Reykjavik – Iceland)

The course focuses on the necessary thinking processes needed when learning.
It deals with different thinking frameworks, e.g. Bloom’s taxonomy, ‘structured thinking’ by De Bono, critical thinking, growth mind set, philosophy, meta-learning and other major thinking frames.

Assessment and evaluation for effective learning (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Learning is an individual, complex and to some extent unpredictable process. Can evaluation also support this learning process? We focus on 5 strategies: sharing learning objectives and criteria for success, organizing classroom activities that elicit evidence of learning, providing appropriate feedback, stimulating students to learn from each other and activating students as owners of their own learning process.

Inclusion in Early Childhood Primary Education (Groningen, The Netherlands)

For the period 2015-2030, the UN focuses on sustainable development goals such as educational quality, gender equity and social inclusion on all educational levels.

This course is the result of a recent ERASMUS+ KA2 project combining input and best practices from the UK, Turkey, Lithuania, Denmark, Portugal, The Netherlands and Flanders (BE) for children between 2.5 and 10 years old.

The course content is structured along six important keys: a holistic view on development, how to make adjustments, improving collaboration, enhancing communication, reflecting on and editing the school ethos.

Motivate Students of Technical and Vocational Education (Example of course on demand/Brugge, Flanders – Belgium)

The students’ motivation can be a challenging educational issue, especially in technical or vocational schools.
Motivation is a very complex notion and needs a holistic approach; the ‘self-determination’ theory offers some solutions.

More detailed information can be found on our website where we explain the content, programme and all practicalities.

You can find the profile of our in-service training organisation on this web page and on the European Gateway.

The website also informs and guides you through the process of application. Have a look at http://erasmusplus-ist.eu/procedure

To get an idea of some courses, have a look at the photoblog of Teach, Learn and Quality and our Facebook page.

The courses take place as a residential seminar of 5 or 4 days in a delightful hotel situated in interesting cities such as Lisbon (Portugal), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Joensuu (Finland), Gozo (Malta) or Reykjavik (Iceland).

Erasmus+ offers you the possibility to attend the course with a team of your school.

We offer a flexible cost structure (€ 785, € 945 and € 1250) allowing you to select the package that fits best your personal or schools’ situation.

In addition we offer a supplementary discount when you select a double room.

All courses can be funded as a KA1 learning mobility. The grant covers: travel, accommodation, subsistence, organization fee. The request is to be sent to your Erasmus+ National Agency.

The new deadline for application is February 2nd 2017 (12.00 h CET).

If you are interested in one or more courses, you can make a pre-registration using the appropriate link on the web or by clicking here.

Shortly after pre-registration, you will receive supportive documents and information helping you to apply for funding.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of doubt or if you need additional information.

Kind regards,

The course directors, Wim Simoens and Peter Van de Moortel

Gozo College Heads meet to propose targets for the next 3-year period

The Council of Heads within the Gozo College met together with the College Principal Mr Victor Galea to work on priority areas which will form the Gozo College Development plan for 2017-2020. The College comprises of 13 state schools in Gozo – 11 primary schools, a Middle and a Secondary School.

After reviewing the Mission and Vision of the College, Heads of Schools worked together to identify main areas in which the Gozo College is performing very well, amongst which are the results of the national benchmarks exams.  They also identified other areas in which the College requires further development.  The focus was on opportunities for the next 3-year period as well as the recognition of new realities in Gozo, including the demographic and population changes as well as the increase of European and Third Country nationals who are registering their children in Gozitan state schools.

“This fruitful discussion amongst our educational leaders brought forward the basis of the College Development Plan for the next 3-year period” informed Mr Victor Galea. “We identified and agreed upon 8 priority areas including: Leadership and Governance, Training, the Curriculum, Support Services, Policies based on the Respect for All framework, Resources, Schools Refurbishments and Public Relations.”

Gozo College Xewkija Primary Open Day

Gozo College Xewkija Primary School on Monday, 5th December held a colourful programme on its recently innovated school premises to celebrate the Open and Celebration Day.

The day kicked off by students who sang the Gozo College and the Xewkija hymn while directed by the music teacher.  The junior students presented a number in the hall with the theme of diversity and inclusion entitled “Hello to all the Children of the World” to mark the occasion.

At the outset, school Headmistress Ms Frankline Zammit Galea, welcomed the guests and listed the achievements of the institution. The audience who included parents and carers of students and also parents of future students who at presently are under threes,  listened with rapt attention. Oher Heads of schools also visited and took part in the event.

The students who are council members council members (empowered and lead by the PSCD teachers) were also hustling and bustling in the school kitchen to see to the healthy food being distributed to all the students of the school.  The peripatetic teacher of “The Catch them Young” programme also animated an activity to inform parents and children about healthy lifestyles.  Parents were participating in class lessons or activities which this year were centered around Guided Maths and Science.   We had other entities outside the school such as a gym instructor, a nutritionist and the Xewkija Tigers Trainers who organised activities so that students and adults joined in and had a thorough workout.  The Gozo College Principal, Mr Victor Galea handed the certificates to all students who set for the annual exams and wrapped up the certificate ceremony by emphasising that such events and the progress of the school is the result of collaboration among all stake holders.

Gozo College Secondary School EkoSkola projects

The Gozo College Secondary School EkoSkola team took part in four projects, namely: beachcleaning, the making of a Christmas tree and decorations from packaging cardboard, Wasteserv talks for parents and students and paper shredding for animal bedding.

For the beach cleaning project, the team went to Dwejra, San Lawrenz. Among the waste collected there were both plastic and glass bottles, cardboard, disposable coffee cups, broken glass, plastic bags and other similar material. The waste was gathered in large bags and then it was sorted into the respective recycling bins at Dwejra. Judging by the litter collected it was clear to the team that this place has rarely been cleaned, even though it is one of the main attractions that tourists visit when they come to Gozo.

For the second project the EkoSkola team built a Christmas tree from packaging cardboard boxes. These boxes were supplied by retailers who sell white goods and other cumbersome items. The finished Christmas tree was decorated with cardboard decorations as well and is now displayed in the school foyer as part of the Christmas decorations. It will be stored during the year to be reused for future Christmases.

The third project consisted of talks given by Wasteserv to parents and students. A Wasteserv representative came to our school to discuss issues related to waste, mainly Organic waste. In order to be more effective, these talks were spread out in three days so each talk was given to a group of 50 students.

The fourth and last project had to do with paper shredding for animal bedding. The team had the task of collecting used papers, old newspapers and magazines from other students and teachers, from their home and from school. The accumulated material was then shredded to be spread out under the animals’ hooves to keep the ground dry.

Cafe Scientifique Gozo

Café Scientifique is the forum for discussion of scientific research and issues in an informed but informal way in a café atmosphere. The Gozo branch runs monthly at Ta Philip’s Candle Lounge and welcomes attendance and input from any Gozo College staff members or older students, particularly those involved in science.  Next session falls on 14th December. Fore more information please visit the link below:


Quote for 32” LED TV

Please Quote for 32” LED HD TV including USB and minimum of 2 HDMI ports

Additional 18% V.A.T.:

Name of Firm providing quote:  


 Contact Details:       


1)      The quoted price must cover any expenses connected with the delivery of the ordered items to the Gozo College Principal’s Office.

2)      The quoted prices must hold for 6 months.

3)      Quote must be provided by return on  email: andrew.a.said@gov.mt  and by not later than Wednesday 30th November 2016 till 16.00 hrs.

4)      The office of the Gozo College Principal retains the right of not choosing the least expensive offer or of not taking up any of the offers submitted by the tenderer.

 5)   Quotes submitted after stipulated date and time will not be considered

 For further information you can contact Mr Adrian Formosa (College Precincts Officer) on: 99718489

Quotation for Public Announcement Systems

Item Description Quantities Unit Rate (ex. V.A.T) Amount
  Bill No. 1 – Preamble        
1.01 Contractor is advised to visit the site of works and acquaint himself with site conditions as no extra claims will be entertained in future due to lack of knowledge regarding site conditions.     Incl. Incl.
1.02 Quantities in the Bill of Quantities are indicative and works shall be measured net as delivered.     Incl. Incl.
  Bill No. 2 – PA System        
2.01 Supply, delivery and installation of a Public Announcement System with auxiliary, 24V/12V, that includes three (3) speakers. System is to be installed in a bus and is to include all the necessary fittings and ironmongery. All necessary wiring and fittings are to be included. System is also to include a minimum of two USB ports for music playing and volume regulator. 1 no.    
2.02 Supply, delivery and installation of a Public Announcement System, 24V/12V, that includes thirteen (13) speakers. System is to be installed around offices. Speakers are to be installed to false ceiling. All necessary wiring and fittings are to be included. System is also to include a minimum of two USB ports for music playing and volume regulator. 1 no.    
  N.B. 2 years warranty is obligatory        
Additional 18% V.A.T.:  

Name of Firm providing quote:  


Contact Details:       


 1)      The quoted price must cover any expenses connected with the delivery of the ordered items to the Gozo College Principal’s Office.

2)      The quoted prices must hold for 3 months.

3)      Quote must be provided by return on  email: andrew.a.said@gov.mt  and by not later than Tuesday 29th November 2016 till 13.30 hrs.

4)      The office of the Gozo College Principal retains the right of not choosing the least expensive offer or of not taking up any of the offers submitted by the tenderer. 

5)   Quotes submitted after stipulated date and time will not be considered

 For further information you can contact Mr Adrian Formosa (College Precincts Officer) on: 99718489

Budding Rockstars

“Budding Rockstars” is a conference, organised by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) in collaboration with the Edward de Bono Institute, on entrepreneurship and creative innovation that was exclusively targeted at Malta’s brightest young minds. Top achieving Fifth Form students (15-16 year-old) from all over Malta and Gozo were introduced to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and innovation through panel discussions, presentations and group activities. 8 students on behalf of the Gozo College took part in this initiative. They participated in interactive sessions with emerging and established entrepreneurs from all over Europe, and in workshops that stimulated their creative thinking abilities and fostered an entrepreneurial mindset.

Embracing Diversity