Practical Guidelines on the Development of Pre-writing and Writing skills

The Literacy Department within the Gozo College in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy Department of the Gozo General  Hospital organised  two parental meetings aimed at K1 parents of students attending the Gozo College schools and Gozo church schools.  Ms. Elaine Ciantar, Head of Department Literacy and Ms. Theresien Mizzi, Occupational Therapist shared with parents practical activities they can develop with their children at home to help them enhance their gross motor and fine motor skills in preparation for the development of writing.

A selection of resources currently available in the Kindergarten classes of the Gozo College were also shown to parents.  These resources are being shared amongst the Kindergarten classes through a rotation system and they allow for a hands-on approach to teach pre-writing skills.  The College embarked on a multisensory approach to develop pre-writing skills in the Kindergarten classes where students are being exposed to different forms and textures for that special tactile input.

A booklet  (Activities for the development of pre writing and writing skills) summarising the practical activities which can be done at home was given to parents through the individual schools.

The Mathracy Project goes ARTistic at Lunzjata Centre

The Mathracy Project goes ARTistic Skola Primarja Rabat

The Mathracy Project goes ARTistic activity aimed at Year 1 students and their parents was held at the Lunzjata Valley between the 9th and the 13th of May.  All Year 1 students and their teachers within were invited to participate.  The activities involved a hands-on approach towards enhancing literacy, mathematical and artisitic skills.  The parents were involved in a workshop on practical strategies through which they can help their children develop further literacy and mathematical skills.  A total of 111 parents participated in the event.  Students and parents were actively involved in four stations; Reading photos led by Ms. Elaine Ciantar, Think wisely to problem solve precisely led by Ms. Jeanelle Attard, Drawing symmetrical objects led by Mr. George James Cutajar and Ms. Sonia Scerri, and Let’s build a story led by the Complementary teachers.  Samples of the students’ original stories compiled together by the Complementary teachers are included.

Parental feedback gathered at the end of each session was very positive.  This activity is part of an ongoing project developed by the Gozo College to help our students learn through a multisensory approach by living the experience in an outdoor setting.  It is also another effort in strengthening the links between cross curricular skills whilst embracing College led initiatives with the home environment.